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Ritz Azul, nagha-hallucinate  

Ritz Azul, nagha-hallucinate  

MASAYA si Ritz Azul dahil kasama siya sa dalawang pelikula parehong pasok sa 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival, ang The Missing at Mang Kempeng: Ang Lihim ng Bandanang Itim.

Kuwento ni Ritz, “It was not planned,’ The Missing’ was meant for the Metro Summer Filmfest last April na hindi natuloy due to the pandemic. And now, pareho silang entries sa December filmfest ng isa ko pang movie.”

Ginagampanan ni Ritz ang role ni Iris na isa sa lead actress ng The Missing kasama sina Joseph Marco at Miles Ocampo, hatid ng Regal Entertainment na idinirehe ni Easy Ferrer na siya ring direktor ng hit BL series na Ben X Jim.

“She’s a young architect who is grieving after her younger sister was kidnapped and killed by some bad people.

“It was very traumatic for her and to help her forget the tragedy, she agreed to do the restoration project of an old ancestral home in Japan.

“Nagkataong kasama ko roon si Joseph Marco as Job, another architect who happens to be my ex-boyfriend.”

“The film was shot on location in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture in Japan. 

“Ang ganda ng place,” dagdag ni Ritz. “It was fall season when we shot the movie there at ang ganda ng mga dahon na various hues of yellow, red and gold. 

“The house we are supposed to restore is 100 years old. Wala kaming kaalam-alam na it is haunted pala. Soon, we are experiencing a lot of strange things.”

Dagdag pa nito, “My character is experiencing anxiety disorder at hindi na ako lumayo pa as my peg was my own mother, who’s been having anxiety disorder for many years now. 

“’Yung character ko, si Iris, has to consult a psychiatrist to help her cope with stress. 

“Her condition is aggravated by the fact that her mom is blaming her for what happened to her sister. 

“In the film, talagang I was required to always look stressed out kasi I’m experiencing hallucinations and visions.

“Playing the role of Iris helped me understand the situation of my mother better.” 

Kaya naman sa mga mahihilig sa horror films, dapat n’yong panoorin ang The Missing sa Upstream.ph .

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