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Solenn, care less sa judgment ng ibang tao

Solenn, care less sa judgment ng ibang tao

PINABULAANAN ni Solenn Heussaff ang mga natatanggap na body-shaming comments sa social media sa kanyang recent vlog na pinaalalahanan niya ang mga mom na gustong manumbalik sa kanilang dating katawan post-pregnancy na hindi ito madali at okay lang na hindi siya agad-agad ma-achieve.


Kuwento niya sa mga kapwa C-sectioned moms, “If you were ripped down there it might be a little difficult but the process is kinda the same in getting slowly back to your routine, not forcing anything, and making sure that you listen to your body and you listen to the advice of your OB-GYN and doctors. You need to know that getting back is not simple, it will take time. When you’re C-sectioned, everything seems misplaced or moved around so feeling that core again isn’t going to happen right away.”


Dagdag pa ng Taste Buddies host, iba ang sayang dulot sa kanya ng motherhood. “Ever since I got pregnant and ever since the lockdown, I am way happier now. What I mean by happier is I care less about the judgment of other people and although I am 4 kilos heavier than I was pre-pregnancy and my hips are 4 inches wider, I am way happier now.”


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