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Derek, aminadong hirap maka-move-on kay Joanne

Derek, aminadong hirap maka-move-on kay Joanne

NASAKTAN si Derek Ramsay sa hiwalayan nila ni Joanne Villablanca na karelasyon niya ng halos anim na taon.

“It’s sad. It’s sad that it didn’t work out between me and Jo.

“But she has ready direction in whole life.

“She’s found, I think, what she’s really passionate to do with her life, which is ‘yung pagka-influencer niya.

“And it’s difficult that I lost two people, two special people.”

Ang tinutukoy ni Derek ay si Joanne at ang anak nitong si Sophie.

Matagal na bang may problema ang kanilang relasyon?

“Lahat ng relationships, may problema.

“I don’t wanna… eh, alam niyo naman, you’ve covered all my relationships.

“Nakakaalangan na I’m not that commitment-type of guy, which is… my relationships, four years, five years, six years.

“Do you think it’s easy for me to just let go of things like that? No.

“That’s not really what gets me. 

“But with that said, pinalaki akong gentleman.

“I’m not saying I wanna talk bad about my partner.

“I don’t wanna talk because it affects so many people—her daughter, herself, my son, her family, my family.

“I’ve always been that guy that always respects things like that because hindi lang kami.

“The six-year relationship is not just between two people.

“We’ve created a bond with each other’s families.

“And in our case, her daughter who I loved like my own. And my son.

“It’s not easy to go through this, especially it’s one of the longest, probably the most serious relationships that I ever had in my life.

“I have this huge house that I’m building now and I’m going to be the only one living it.

“It’s sad, but with that said…”

May chance pa kayang magkaayos sila?

“It’s said and done.

“I think she has directions, and I’m just starting again with my showbiz life and I focus on this.

“It’s what it is.”

“You know, I don’t think that there’s anything that she needs to say, or I need to say to apologize about the relationship.

“No one is at wrong here especially if it just didn’t work out.

“If it didn’t work out doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong.

“Of course, it’s normal to think na ang lalaki ang may kasalanan.

“Sometimes wala namang may kasalanan, ‘di ba?

“Sometimes, it just happens na maybe we didn’t bring the best out of each other.

“Or maybe, you’ve realized later that there’s something else that you wanna do.”

Sa kabilang banda, excited si Derek sa una niyang primetime series sa GMA-7, ang The Better Woman, na kapareha niya si Andrea Torres.

Gagampanan ni Derek ang role ni Andre de Villa, na asawa ng isa sa mga karakter ni Andrea na si Jasmine de Villa/Juliet Santos de Villa/Elaine Reyes.

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