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Hurting sa walang keber at pakialam na boyfriend!

Hurting sa walang keber at pakialam na boyfriend!

MAG-ISA raw na nagtungo sa New York ang heartbroken na magandang aktres dahil nowhere to be found ang kanyang super mega busy na boyfriend. Hahahahahahahaha!

Siyempre naman, priority nito ang kanyang money-making ventures with some fags who are said to be his bread and butter.

Wayback in the province, he was into it already. I mean, pagpapahada sa mga bakla for a measly fee.

He was not demanding then and was allowing his sizable dick to be fellated on by the native fags for the sheer pleasure that he got from being sucked.

From being sucked raw, o! Hahahahaha­hahahahahaha!

But now, he has become all business.

All business raw, o! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Saan ba naman kasi nanggaling ang kanyang fleet of imported cars, along with his imposing abode if not for his succulent dick.


Hindi naman talaga kumikita nang ganoon kalaki ang not-so-young actor out of show business.

Nakadya-jackpot siya out of his impressive gay connections who are naturally satisfied with his throbbing dick that is both impressive length-wise and circumference-wise. Hahahahahaha­hahaha!

Kaya ang mga babae ay hindi naman niya gaanong siniseryoso.

Kung nandiyan sila, fine. Kung tsumugi naman, what can he do.

What can he do raw, o! Hahahahaha­hahahaha!

Kaya sa New York nagpalipas ng Holy Week ang aktres na super mega hurting talaga dahil nagtago at cannot be reached ang kanyang papa who was attending to other business then.

How hurting can you get! Hahahahaha­hahahaha!

And with that, ito po ang Kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very. very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nhong!

ni Pete Ampoloquio, Jr.

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