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Cherie sa kawalan ng partisipasyon sa concert ni Sharon — I do not know

Cherie sa kawalan ng partisipasyon sa concert ni Sharon — I do not know

NANOOD lang ng 40th anniversary concert ni Sharon Cuneta ang kontrabida ni Mega sa maraming pagkakataon na si Cherie Gil. Nagmadali pa nga siya dahil late na siya na pakawalan sa kanyang pinanggalingang trabaho.

Kaya naloka lang ang natan­daan sa linyang, ‘You’re nothing but a second rate copycat’ sa pelikula ni Mega noon kung saan tinapunan pa niya ito ng alak sa naturang eksena. Marami ang nagtanong sa kanya kung bakit wala siyang partisipasyon sa mahalagang event ni Mega na sumasalamin sa 40 taon niya sa showbiz.

Simple lang ang pakli ni Cherie, “So many people and fans have asked me via direct and private messages why I wasn’t invited to participate in Sharon’s 40th anniversary concert. A video greet would have sufficed at the very least, some of them said. One message even enumerated all 5 films we have made together through all those years, Reiterating that we both promoted our music singles MR DJ and I LOVE YOU BOY alternately being played on the airwaves during the same year. A definitive proof that our careers have spanned through out the same time from the very beginning. This touched me deeply knowing how many of you have followed and still support our careers and our ‘on screen tandem’.

“So here I post to answer all your wondering and queries all at once.


“Know That I would have gladly done so. This is why I went to watch to support her and applaud from the wings instead. Luckily my taping got cancelled at the last minute. This I believe was truly serendi­pitous and meant to be.

“There could have been many reasons beyond mine or Sharon’s control.

Remember, this is showbusiness after all with many factions and politics involved that run the show.

“But for whatever it is, this does not in anyway define our friendship that I believe have stood the test of time despite many gaps and absences in between. Ours goes beyond showbiz.

“We both know how and what we mean to each other. As with all friendships and relationships, along with it’s flaws, doubts and perhaps even shortcomings. Not withstanding the joys and the love and respect that went with all that through all these years.

“Yes, it’s time we have our bonding time which I so look forward to. Away from the spotlight.

“Thank you to all those who took the time to ask just goes to show how many believe and care for our friendship. “

Okay na ba?

ni Pilar Mateo

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