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Kris, sa inalmahang basher: You messed with the wrong woman!

AYAW ba talagang patahimikin ng ibang tao si  Kris Aquino? Nasa malayong lugar siya para tahimik na iselebra ang 47th birthday ngayong araw kasama ang mga anak na sina Joshua at Bimby with Bincai, pero heto at ginugulo nila ang pananahimik ng mag-iina.

Gusto naming isiping nami-miss ng bashers si Kris dahil napapansin sila kapag sinasagot sila ng Queen of Online World at Social Media kapag may sinasabi silang hindi totoo.

Tulad nitong Lunes ng gabi, tinawag na magnanakaw si Kris ng mga halatang inupahang bashers.

Nag-post si Kris ng Anonymous quotation, “they broke the wrong parts of me, they broke my wings and forgot I had claws.”

Aniya, “You messed w/ the wrong woman. Ang kapal ng mukha mo na tawagin akong magnanakaw when you are the one guilty of IDENTITY THEFT. Whichever both account this is, or whichever group is funding this troll account you should have at least had the intelligence to not use a picture of a famous blogger @hapatime, Jessica Ricks.

“Then when I called you out- you suddenly changed your twitter handle & IG pic. The problem is you can attack me w/ absolutely no evidence about stealing when in actuality you are the MAGNANAKAW. Please- ‘wag mo kong itulad sa ‘yo o kung sino man ang nagfu-fund ng operations ninyo. How many times do I need to REPEAT- I have no political plans for 2019- so your demolition job is way too early.

“Strategic planning please? I am not my Mom & I am not Noy- in other words I am not like them who will choose dignified silence & humility. HINDI AKO MABAIT especially pag nananahimik akong nagtatrabaho & nagsusumikap na maging mabuting ina, pero binabalahura pa rin ang pagkatao ko. While we still have democracy-, I shall defend what I worked hard to achieve & I will never again allow myself to be stepped on & trashed by people who don’t even have the courage to create a true social media account. #TRUTH #AUTHENTICITY.”

Ikinuwento muli ni Kris ang malalaking tax na binabayaran niya para patunayang hindi siya magnanakaw o tax evader.

“(I ask you to please have the patience to swipe left & read this whole post.). First of all – jetlagging made me scroll through my IG Feed. 2nd I HATE LIES & will do everything to disprove them. 3rd I love doing RESEARCH, and having a company now that specializes on data analytics for client presentations is heaven sent because I can easily point out the lack of factual basis used by this “commenter” who seems to not be making the most of her Ateneo education by using “your” in the possessive form rather than you’re as in YOU ARE w/c would have been correct for her sentence construction.

“I have steadfastly stayed away from political discourse BUT I will never back down when lies will be peddled to question MY integrity especially when it comes to money. I have stated this & anybody can check w/ the BIR, from 2007 to 2016 I RESPONSIBLY remitted P361,798,667 in personal income tax. I cannot give you a 2017 figure yet because they are still processing my tax returns. I can give you & everyone else reading this, my January 2018 Tax REMITTANCE amounting to P1,843,088 (for December income) and my VAT REMITTANCE January 2018 of P1,510,191.55. Before I left I was told to prepare Estimated Taxes for Feb 2018 for January income, in the vicinity of P2,337,000.

“So it is ILLOGICAL to believe her accusation na “yung pera pala NINAKAW LANG”. WHY WILL I CONTINUE PAYING HUGE TAXES kung dati ninakaw ko lang – that means if we did it then, it “could” still be done now. BAKIT KO rin NANAKAWIN nuon ANG PERANG NANGGALING MISMO SA BULSA KO??? Eh di sana nag tax evasion na lang ako.

“Lastly, kung talagang ninakaw, bakit ko ipo-post ang “ebidensya” (in this case my trip w/ my sons)… Diba dapat nakatago na, wala ever kayong nakitang luho dahil kung guilty, alam mong dapat di mahahanap, di pwedeng ma trace ang ill-gotten wealth. Please naman – don’t underestimate the intelligence of Filipinos w/ your #fakenews & outright lies. #TRUTHWINS (you have an attractive face, if you wanted attention- consider it my birthday goodwill of “sharing” my followers w/ you.”

Anyway, maski na anong patunay pang sabihin o gawin ni Kris ay hindi pa rin siya tiyak titigilan ng mga upahang troll kaya patuloy pa rin silang magkakalat ng fake news. Kawawa naman ang mga inupahang basher na ito.

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