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Daan-daang modelo naghubo’t hubad sa Times Square

Daan-daang modelo naghubo’t hubad sa Times Square

TINATAYANG 200 modelo ang nagtipon-tipon sa Times Square upang papintahan ang kanilang hubo’t hubad na katawan.

Napatigalgal sa art project “Body Notes” ang mga turista sa New York, nang masaksihan ang mga kalalakihan at kababaihan habang nakahubo’t hubad.

Ang nasabing pagtitipon ay naglalayong isulong ang “positivity and acceptance” ayon sa organizer, Human Connection Arts.

Pagkaraan, ang mga modelo ay nagtipon-tipon sa hagdan ng TKTS Booth para sa group photo.

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Sinabi ni Street artist Andy Golub: “People are expressing themselves with their bodies and they’re also expressing themselves with their words. “

“So it’s an opportunity for them to sort of share who they are and with no shame and with comfort and then on the same token for others to accept them.

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“So it’s something that on one level it seems like sort of like a fun silly thing, people are naked, colours, but on the other level it actually impacts people in a very deep way.”

Namangha ang mga nakakita habang ang mga modelo ay pinipintahan ang isa’t isa ng iba’t ibang kulay.

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“Why is the naked body so important?” tanong ni Golub.

“Like why is it such a problem?

“Like you know, it’s like amazing the idea of showing ourselves has so much anxiety and so much judgment.

“And meanwhile that’s the most essential core of who we are as people.”



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