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Good job QCPD station 6!

Good job QCPD station 6!

Gen.  Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar
Chief Quezon City Police  Station

Sir:  Last April 23, 2017,  the bag of the undersigned  was snatched along Commonwealth Ave.,  vicinity of Saint Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders.

Included in the bag are vital documents of the undersigned and cash and checks. The incident was reported at station 6  Batasan Hills, Quezon City.

The undersigned was easily and readily assisted by the police assigned during that time. Due to the effort of the police there at the documents were recovered and  turned over to the undersigned last April 26, 2017  8:00am.

In view of the above, I would like to thank and commend  for a very good work done. They are the  following: PO1 Jayson Fernandez, PO1 Marlon Gu-Ban, CPO2 Josephine Lopez, CPO2 Alejandro Camacho

Thank you very much.
Respectfully yours,

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