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“Swipe” – A perfect movie in present time!

“Swipe” – A perfect movie in present time!

Viva Films is about to release an intriguing movie about online dating. How good or bad it gets to trust the internet when someone longs to connect with a prospective partner. It takes a responsible internet user to be able to SWIPE RIGHT and it’s dangerous when someone goes LEFT. Here’s the synopsis of the film for us to understand what’s behind the matter.

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“Swipe right on the pic if you like, swipe left if you don’t.” And there goes the basic rule of social media dating, and in a midrise Sunrise Apartments, the intertwining lives of its tenants are brought together by this rule.

When a CCTV system is installed in Sunrise apartments, the cameras start to record their public activities as the tenant’s private lives begin to unravel.

LOIDA (Mercedes Cabral), the condo’s new lady guard is harassed by LEO (Luis Alandy), the building supervisor who had hired her with whom she met prior in a social dating site. He tries to rekindle their affair as she copes with the return of her estranged OFW husband. Unable to face rejection, he blackmails her by threatening to expose their recorded illicit act online.

GLORIA (Isabel Lopez), whose marriage has recently been annulled, gets another shot at romance with her online chatmate, Ted, an investment consultant. Her young son, JIGGY (Neil Coleta), is oblivious to her romantic affairs as he is more preoccupied with his online networking business.

FRANK (Gabby Eigenmann), a married executive who’s actively engaging in gay social dating sites, gets his cellphone stolen by one of the guys he meets online. He doesn’t report the incident as he starts falling for the hunky and needy suspect.

JANET (Meg Imperial) and EDWARD (Alex Medina), are the new tenants who hope to make a clean start in the marriage as they cope with her recent drug rehab. As Janet begins her life anew, her dangerous habit disrupts their already fragile marriage. Fueled by her addiction and jealousy, she scouts online sites to satisfy her all consuming compulsion. The hidden, dark sides of its characters culminate in a shattering climax as the characters reel from the chilling effects of their social media connections amidst the looming omnipresence of the CCTV cameras.

It’s a very exciting story of people who delve on the internet 24/7. Watch out for “SWIPE” in cinemas near you starting February 1, produced by Paolo Fernandez and Arnold Argano for Aliud Entertainment, directed by Ed Lejano.

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“This picture does not end the story of Kylie’s Amihan.”

Once a good man, always a good man. Iyan ang masasabi namin sa magaling at kilalang direktor na si Direk Mark Reyes. Dismayado man sa kumalat na behind-the-scene photo sa set ng Encantadia na nagpakita kung sino sa mga Sang’gre ang namaalam, hindi pa rin nagpatinag ang mahusay na direktor ng well-loved telefantasya ng GMA na iparating sa kanilang mga fans mas marami pa ring twists ang magaganap dito kaya dapat mas lalong pakatutukan ang programa.

“Sadly, a disrespectful ‘guest’ on our set leaked this photo. I would just like to point out that this picture does not end the story of Kylie’s Amihan. There are still a lot of stories to tell between Amihan, Ybrahim, Lira and her sisters. Don’t be disheartened. THIS IS NOT THE END of Kylie in the show. Keep believing in the power of Encantadia. We still have a lot of magic to do.”

Ang masasabi ko lang kay Direk: Don’t worry, you got us behind you.


Iba talaga kapag si Sylvia Sanchez na ang hugging centerstage at nag-e-emote.

Parang nakadudurog ng puso.

‘Yan siguro ang dahilan kung bakit patuloy na sinusubaybayan ang soap opera nilang The Greatest Love na lalo pang tumataas ang rating as time goes by. For someone who did not undergo acting workshops seriously, her acting talent is indeed raw but highly convincing and deeply moving.

Sa soap pa ring The Greatest Love, patuloy na sinusumpong ng kanyang alzheimer’s disease si Gloria (Sylvia) but in between her lucid intervals, naipakikita pa rin niya ang kanyang pagmamahal sa kanyang mga anak.

Sabi pa niya sa kanyang mga anak, maaaring makalimot siya dahil sa kanyang sakit pero ang kanyang puso ay hinding-hindi. Doon ay mananatiling nakaukit ang pagmamahal niya sa kanyang mga anak at walang sinumang makabubura noon.


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