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MMFF Execom, happy sa kinita ng festival

MMFF Execom, happy sa kinita ng festival

BAGAMAT naikukompara last year na mas marami ang nanonood at nagkakagulo sa sinehan sa opening daw, happy naman  ang MMFF Execom kung ano ang kinita ng nasabing festival.

Ayon sa Instagram Account ng talent manager at MMFF 2016 spokeperson na siNoel Ferrer, ”THE MMFF EXECOM is happy to have reached our 1st day target ticket sales. We have re-assessed and set a new benchmark for this festival, we nevertheless look at the financial sales for the 1st day as a real bonus as we have already achieved what we started out to in the first place which is the cultural advancement through our Filipino films.

“You cannot put a price at something which the future generations of Filipinos will find priceless and ageless.

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“We are happy to announce that the first day topgrossers (In alphabetical order) are: ‘Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2’, ‘Die Beautiful,’ ‘Seklusyon,’ ‘Vince & Kath & James.’

“We shall continue promoting and supporting the 8 MMFF entries as they all deserve to be watched and patronized by the Filipino audiences.

Be rest assured that the MMFF Execom will always serve to our best effort all our stakeholders and serve the greater purpose of not only commerce but also of audience education and development.

Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino.”

Mababasa rin sa Facebook Account ng Chairperson ng Film Development Council of the Philippines na si Liza Dino, ang  ”Since this is a new edition of Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), the executive committee set a new target for the festival’s gross revenue and I am happy to say that our films were able to meet our expectations. Ang Sarap ng feeling na marami pa ring pumunta sa sinehan at nanood ng mga kakaibang pelikulang handog ng MMFF ngayong taon.

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“Despite the obstacles—brownout, bagyo, batikos at kung Anu-ano pa—we thrived and rose above these challenges!

“Congratulations sa ating 8 entries! Ito ang simula ng panibagong yugto ng pagtangkilik sa pelikulang Pilipino.

“Sa mga manonood, Maraming salamat.

“Kayo ang nagwagi dito dahil para sa inyo ito!:)


Dugtong pa niya: ”Lahat ng pagbabago dumadaan sa transition period. It takes time for things to settle before we take off again; Maraming adjustments at mga bagay na kailangang makasanayan ulit.

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“I think ito ang kinakaharap ng Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) ngayon. We can’t expect the public to fully embrace the new direction yet but the fact that there is awareness, that there is a move towards change, unti-unti nating madadala hindi lang ang ating manonood kundi ang buong industriya towards this vision.

“Malaki ang kompiyansa ko sa kooperasyon ng lahat. Success is not just measured through money or revenue, but on how these changes can affect the landscape of Philippine cinema from here on. Let’s all support each other towards accomplishing this new direction.

“After all, with the great talent that we have, artistic excellence with universal appeal is really not that hard to achieve.”


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