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Kuting permanenteng malungkot

TUMABI ka muna Grumpy Cat, may bagong kuting na sikat! Ang kuting ay si Purrmanently Sad Cat, ang hitsurang malungkot na alaga ni Ashley Herring, 21, mula sa New Orleans, siyang nagbigay ng nasabing kakaibang pangalan.

“My cat recently had a litter of kittens. My roommate Bridget Ayers and I realized this one kitten’s sad face one day when we were watching them learn to walk around in my room.

“She was waddling around and we looked at her and both just went Oh. My. God. She looks so depressed! Perma-sad face! I decided to call this one Purrmanently Sad Cat.”

Nag-post si Ms. Herring, tinawag ang kanyang kuting na si

PSC for short, ng larawan ng kanyang alaga sa internet na naging viral agad.

“We took a picture and kept it to ourselves to giggle over and share with friends. I put it up on the internet one night when I couldn’t sleep, just for a few laughs. Didn’t really expect her to become so popular!

“PSC is actually a very happy kitten despite her facial expression! She is currently cuddled up on my shoulder with her sister and one of her brothers taking a little cat nap! It’s raining right now and she doesn’t like thunder.

“She likes cuddling, nibbling on my fingers (especially knuckles), hiding under the bed, taking very long well-deserved naps, and trying to get her mommy Khaleesi to play with her.”

Ang original Grumpy Cat ay naging viral internet star makaraan ipangalan ito sa kanya dahil sa kanyang galit na facial expression. (ORANGE QUIRKY NEWS)

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