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Once in a while, have a taste of Filipino culture.

How does a pickpocket fall in love?

At purse sight.

Anong tawag sa sakit ng baboy?


E ano ang gamot sa pigsa?

E di oink-ment!


Tatay: Bagsak ka na naman anak sa esku

wela. Bakit hindi ka tumulad kay Pepe

na kaibigan mo? Lagi siyang honor sa school.

Anak: Unfair naman iyon Tatay.

Tatay: Bakit naman anak?

Anak: Kasi ang Tatay ni Pepe ay matalino.


Religion Teacher: Everything is made

by God.

Six Grader kid: That’s not true Ma’m.

Religion Teacher: Why?

Six Grader kid: Because everything now is

‘Made in China.’


Jueteng prayer:

“Gambling lords, who art in JUETENG; HAKOT be thy name, thy KICKBACK come, Thy WEALTH be done in MALACAÑANG, as it is with SINGSON IN VIGAN. Amen.


A Chemistry teacher asked a sexy, blonde student, “What are NITRATES?”

The student replied shyly, “Ma’am, sa motel po. NIGHT RATES are higher than day rates!”

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