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Anak: Itay, bibili ako ng ban paper

Itay: Anak, wag kang bobo ha? Hindi ‘ban paper’ ang tawag dun!

Anak: Ano po ba?

Itay: “Kokongban


Women are physically stronger than men. Why?

Because women can carry two mountains at a time while men can carry only two eggs.

Take note, with the help of a bird pa!


Chinese on his death bed:

Akyen panganay, nandyan ba?


Akyen junior, nandyan ba?


Akyen asawa nandyan ba?


Anak ng… lahat kayo nandito! ‘Ala tao sa tindahan!


4 kinds of “Utot”

1. Long but Harmless

2. Loud and Proud

3. Silent but Violent

4. Wet and Wild


Madre: Father, tell your seminarian not to urinate along the fence.

Father: Sister naman, maliit na bagay lang papansinin mo pa.

Madre: No! Malalaki, Father. Malalaki!!!


Mommy 1: Ano ang pinapainom mo sa baby mo?

Mommy 2: Promil para Matatag na Pangarap! E ikaw?

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