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Kumukulo ang dugo ng Claudinians kay bubonika!

Hahahahahahahahahaha! The loyal followers of Ms. Claudine Barretto seem to have this deep-seated resentment for chakistic Crispy Chaka basically because of the grossly damaging things that she’s been writting about their idol in her cheaply written columns. Hahahahahahahahaha! The other day, they seemed to have reached the end of their tether and would want to express their hatred for the AC/DC entertainment writer/host who thrives on hitting personalities in her columns. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! On the part of the comely actress though, not even once did we get to hear her talk ill of Fermi Cha -ka. Tipong she appears to be totally indifferent to her gross personality and would very much pre- fer to talk about her kids Sabina and Santino. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Corrected by! Bakit nga naman niya pag-uukulan ng pansin at panahon ang isang ograng ngangaerang mukhang anda kaya dinadapurak ng bad karma? Hahahaahahahahahahahahahaha! Kita mo nga’t tinatapos na lang yata ang commitment nila sa kanya at titigbakin na siya nang tulu- yan for the simple reason that the studio has been losiing a sizable sum of money in the shows that the station has produced for her and her ilk. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Who cares nga naman about a repugnant, ageing woman who values nothing but money and the things that it can buy. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yuck! At any rate, Clau’s avid fans should not get affected with Bubonika’s senseless tirade because she would soon become a thing of the past on TV. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! A thing of the past daw on TV, o! Hahahahahahaha! If that is not comeuppance or retribution, we don’t know what is! Hahahahahahahaha! Sobrang taas kasi ng pag-iilusyon, akala’y buhay pa kuning-kuning ang kanyang mga alipores, not knowing that baduy and chakas are no longer the fad on national television. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Babetch-betch, lolang chaka. Hakhakhakhakhakhak!


Grabe ang arrive ng spellbinding beauty ni Heart Evangelista sa launching ng kanyang bagong endorse- ment sa Tanduay Distillers, Inc. na flamboyantly staged sa isang hotel sa Kyusi. Resplendent in a body-hugging shimmering gown with slits that goes up to her succulent thighs, she gamely posed for souvenir photos with the press. Grabeee! Kung dati-rati’y deadma ang entertainment press sa mga artista sa mga ganitong okasyon, well, this time, they (the men in particular who were so enamored with her comeliness…Hahahahahaha!) went out of their way to pose with their fave actress whose skin tone was absolutely flawless. Hahahahahaha! When asked how she feels about being chosen as Tanduay’s new endorser, her statement was absolutely truthful and devoid of any guile. “Fearful at first. I never really thought of myself as a hot, sexy vixen. “It’s funny because it took so much convincing myself to face my fears. I worked out and got the best team and I feel absolutely brave and confident and so much of a woman and after that, it was liberating! “I feel so happy and proud of myself. Crazy, beautiful!” ‘Yun na!


In a recent encounter Direk Frasco Mortiz had openly confessed that doing Pagpag for Star Cinema that features the popular tandem of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo was a big challenge on his part since he’s more at home and identified in doing wacky and zany comedy flicks than in this kind of genre. But being a man of conviction, he accepted the challenge and is now quite happy with the finished product of Pagpag. “I know of many practices that surrounds deaths and funerals, especially the con- cept of Pagpag. I have always believed that there is nothing really wrong if we follow old tradi- tions and beliefs.” Direk Frasco confides that there was an amalgam of excitement and nervousness when he learned that the project Pagpag would be his. “This is my first full-length horror film and my very first partici -pation in the MMFF,” asseverates Direk Frasco who did an episode for Star Cinema’s 2010 psycho thriller film Cinco. The highly intellectual director avers how excited he is to be working with his lead actors. “I have seen Kathryn grow to be a very fine actress since her days as part of Goin’ Bulilit, while Daniel, on the other hand, steps up to the plate with his role as the movie’s accidental hero of sorts. “Shaina and Paulo also delivered riveting and unforgettable performances. The rapport of the cast is so palpable when you see them on the big screen.” Pagpag, Siyam Na Buhay is showing in mainstream cinemas nationwide beginning December 25.

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