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Alphabet sandwich may palaman na mula A to Z

ANG wacky food fan ay bumuo ng towering snack na may palaman na pagkain mula sa bawat letra ng alpabeto.

Hinamon ni Nick Chipman ang kanyang sarili sa paghahanap ng masarap na pagkain mula sa A hanggang Z na maaaring ipalaman sa pagitan ng dalawang hiwa ng tinapay.

Ang resulta ay ang “heart-busting, calorie-ignoring homage to the humble sarnie”.

Paliwanag ni Nick, 32, mula sa Milwaukee: “As far as what inspired me to create the sandwich I wish I had some really creative answer for you, but in reality I sort of just thought it would be funny, and maybe a little challenging, to make a sandwich with 26 different toppings, one for each letter of the alphabet.

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“The process behind it was basically to make it as quick as possible so I could take a few pictures before it inevitably toppled over, which surprisingly enough didn’t even happen. It must have been my lucky day.

“It ended up being WAY taller that I expected and almost toppled over at numerous points along the way.

“Anyway, the idea behind the sandwich was to find 26 different toppings. Now, I know that sounds simple enough, but do you realise how difficult it is to find a food that starts with the letter X?

“To solve that issue I eventually settled on xylocarp, which is defined as “a hard, woody fruit that grows on trees,” or in other words, a coconut.

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“With some other letters I had the opposite problem, in that I had a tough time choosing which foods to use since I immediately came up with so many that started with the same letter. Take F for example, with that one I couldn’t decide between French fries and fish sticks.

“Eventually though it all came together and as you can see from the photo the Alphabet Sandwich turned out to be a gargantuan tower of food-related gluttony.

“I have no idea how many calories are in it, but I’d guess it’s somewhere in the thousands. I ate it, but it was over the course of an entire day and I had to disassemble it and eat it in pieces to finish it.”

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Si Nick ay may quirky snack blog at tinagurian bilang “The Michelangelo of munchies”.

Kabilang sa Sandwich ingredients A-Z, ay ang avocado, Bacon,  Cheese, Doritos, Egg, Fish sticks, Garlic bread, Ham, Italian sausage patty, Jalapeno peppers, Krispy Kreme doughnut, Lettuce, Macaroni and cheese, Noodles, Onion rings, Pepperoni, Queso blanco dip, Ramen noddles,

Spinach, Turkey burger, Usingers bratwurst,  VealParmesan, Waffle, Xylocarp (coconut), Yams, at Zucchini. (ORANGE QUIRKY NEWS)


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