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Andi at pamilya nasiraan sa liblib na lugar

Andi at pamilya nasiraan sa liblib na lugar

ni Reggee Bonoan

NAG-JOYRIDE ang pamilya ni Andi Eigenmann sa Coconut Farm View deck, Pilar Siargao kasama ang tatlong anak na sina Ellie, Lilo, at Koa with fiance Philmar Alipayo para ipakita sa mga bata ang kagandahan ng buong isla.

Pero sa kasamaang palad ay nasiraan ang sinasakyan nila sa kalagitnaan ng lugar na wala silang kakilala, wala ring mga nakatayong bahay, walang cellphone signal, walang baon na tubig at pagkain.

Nag-post ni Andi habang nakahinto sila at nag-picture-picture na rin. ”Our car broke down in the middle of “nowhere”! (More about this on our next vlog.)

I knew when I posted these pictures, that I wanted to share the hassle of a day we had.

“But as I scroll through, I notice the big smiles, and can’t help but recall this moment as a fun one! All we had was each other. We had no signal/ no water/ we were sticky sweaty from the hot summer air and we were (mostly papa) being eaten alive by noknoks!

“Sometimes things, life, just doesn’t go our way. It may be upsetting/ it may cause our heads to explode. But we can also accept it graciously and be grateful instead.

“This is an important lesson I am happy that my fiancé and I both want to instill in our children. And looking back, it makes me proud to realize that maybe it was the kids that taught us this lesson in the first place.

“Not once did they complain, they were just enjoying themselves, being out in the world, amongst all those coconut trees. They were just curious about what had surrounded them, and it was just papa and I that joined in on their little adventure. It’s nice to stop and try to see the world through children’s eyes. And allow that to help us find joy in the simplest of things.”

Ang daming netizens ang nagandahan sa mensaheng ito ni Andi dahil nakai-inspire lalo na kapag nangyari rin ito sa kanila.

Ayon kay @lilyrece, ”You wrote, shared and describe your experiences with us beautifully as if we are there experiencing all your ups and not so downs, it is so enriching. I would suggest with your talent not only in acting but in written words as well that I think you can write a book children’s pictures books!”

Say din ni @cookiempb, ”the sudden realizations and embracing them are the real life moments.”

Mula kay @habibi0617, ”Love the positive vibes!.”

Sa larawang hinalikan ni Ellie si Lilo, ”so adorable two sisters,” sabi ni @madoloresdelos.

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