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The PreNup, hataw sa Netflix Philippines

The PreNup, hataw sa Netflix Philippines

As of 7:00 pm last Saturday, bumaba muli sa puwesto ang Four Sisters Before The Wedding at napunta ito sa #4. But there’s a new Pinoy movie that’s #1 at the Netflix Philippines. Ito ‘’yung 2015 Regal movie na The PreNup featuring Jennylyn Mercado and Sam Milby, under the direction of Jun Lana.
Super excited si Jennylyn at panay ang promo on Facebook before the streaming of The PreNup that started last April 23, Friday.
“Grabe kayo! Thank you for making #ThePreNup trend at No. 1 on Netflix today! Confetti para sa inyong lahat!” was Jennylyn jubilant post on Facebook the other night.
Wendy was the name of Jennylyn’s character in the movie.
Can’t blame most people for their fondness for Netflix, what with this boring and prolonged lockdown.

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