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Jennica sa may marital problem: wag magmakaawa kung ginawa na ang lahat

Jennica sa may marital problem: wag magmakaawa kung ginawa na ang lahat

MULING nag-post si Jennica Garcia-Uytingco ng sulat para naman sa mga magulang na may pinagdaraanan sa panahon ng pandemya at tungkol din sa paghihiwalay.

Naunang nag-post ang wifey ni Alwyn Uytingco para sa kanilang dalawang anak na babae na ang katwiran niya ay isinulat niya ito para paglaki nila at nasa hustong gulang ay maiintindihan na nila kung para saan at bakit niya isinulat iyon.

Ipinost ng aktres ang larawan nila ng anak na hinahalikan siya habang nakaupo sa bakuran.

Ang caption ay, ”All parents are going through so much in this pandemic. Fathers are overworked, Mothers are dead tired that it is so easy for Satan to whisper lies to your very soul.

“you deserve better”

“if only you didn’t have kids”

“you are not treated well for your efforts”

“you are not to blame”

“you already tried your best”

“run away while you can”

“your kids are old enough”

“you’ve been so good, now its your turn to think about yourself”

“you’re still young”

“the children have graduated already anyway”

“what’s 25 years of marriage if you’re in agony?”


“Dear Parents, self love is not selfish.

“It only becomes selfish when you love yourself too much to the extent that your family becomes broken because of it.

“If you are going through something in your marriage but both of you are helping each other to keep the marriage intact, all praises to God! However, if only the husband or the wife is trying to fix what is now broken and your spouse already let go of you to start a journey that is all about them (me, myself and I).

“A journey without your family in it. Cling to God and do not beg further for your spouse affection when you already tried getting them back many times. This is a bitter pill to swallow but truth is, there is nothing you can do to change your spouse heart.

“That is something only Jesus can do and you are not God. It is going to be very hard but know that you are never alone in Christ. The desire for companionship will be so strong during moments of loneliness but take courage in the fact that the Lord knows your story from start to finish.

“There are marriages that make it till their last breath, then there are those who end up parting ways for good. Which one among the two, will you end up in?

“God knows. So hold on tight to Jesus and pray for His will and not yours to be done. WHY? Because whether your family is restored or otherwise, there is no better life than the life God has planned for you.”

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