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Ellen Adarna ayaw ng engrandeng kasal, ayaw din mag-gown

Ellen Adarna ayaw ng engrandeng kasal, ayaw din mag-gown

SIMPLENG kasal lang ang gusto ni Ellen Adarna. Ayaw niya iyong mala-carnaval at ayaw din niyang mag-gown.  Ito ang iginiit ng aktres sa online interview sa kanya ni G3 San Diego.

Ani Ellen, ”We’re both on the same page because we both don’t want the big, grand wedding. I told him my dream wedding is to just elope. Ha-hahaha!

”I don’t want a big wedding, I don’t want to wear a gown, I hate gowns.”

“We actually spoke this morning, mayroon na kaming naisip, I thought about it.

“The whole purpose of this is I want to marry you, I’m not going to marry you because I want to wear a gown or I want you to look at me like I’m the most beautiful bride in the world. So, just expect a very simple wedding,” giit pa ni Ellen.

This year sinasabing magaganap ang kasal nina Ellen at Derek Ramsay.

Samantala, nagpaalam muna si Derek sa kanyang anak na si Austin, 17, bago nag-propose kay Ellen.

“I spoke to my son before anything, before I proposed to Ellen. I needed to get his blessing. Austin was one of the first people I spoke to,” ani Derek.

“My son told me he thinks it would be really cool if he had a younger brother. He really adores Ellen. He thinks she’s cool. He said, ‘I want you to be happy.’

“Ellen’s energy and presence has really turned my world around, everything has really fallen into place. The thing I’ve been praying for the most is for my son to call me ‘dad’ and that happened like the day after the whole proposal.

“My son told me the other day, he promised to call me dad when he sees me getting engaged,” sambit pa ng actor.

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