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Jeric Gonzales, mas feel ang may edad na babae!

Jeric Gonzales, mas feel ang may edad na babae!

PARA kay Jeric Gonzales, ang relasyon niya kay Sheryl Cruz is something that’s truly “special.”

Naging super close raw sila sa Magkaagaw, and from then on, the friendship has become very close and special.

Nevertheless, he is purportedly single and ready to mingle.

Anyhow, sa “May Pa-presscon” segment ng The Boobay and Tekla Show (TBATS) last Sunday, March 14, the 28-year-old actor said that he doesn’t go for the physical attributes in a woman that he would prefer to have a relationship with.

“Naniniwala kasi ako sa love at first sight, e. Pag nakita mo siya, ‘yun na ‘yun, ‘e.

“Hindi ako naniniwala sa physical attributes.”

When it comes to age, he purportedly prefers older and more mature women.

“A, ako siguro, mas matanda. Siguro mas may experience ‘yung babae, mas marami akong matututunan, ‘di ba?”

In connection with this, the hosts of Boobay and Super Tekla asked Jeric about the ongoing rumor about him and Sheryl Cruz that he is co-starring in the afternoon drama series Magkaagaw.

“A, kami ni Miss Sheryl Cruz? Alam n’yo naman naging close kami sa Magkaagaw.

“So, kung anoman ‘yung friendship namin ngayon, e, sa amin na lang siguro ‘yun.

“Very ano kami, close kami. So, special ‘yun.”

Ganting biro ni Boobay, could it be that he is the “Mr. Dreamboy” of Sheryl?

“Sa tingin ko, ako na,” he added with a humor.

Anyway, in an interview sometime in December 2020, Sheryl vehemently denied the ongoing rumor that he is allegedy pregnant and the father is Jeric.

“Oh, wow! Hahaha!!! And who is the father daw?

“I just came back from a lock-in taping of Magkaagaw and got my period on the second week of the taping, so that’s my answer.

“And if the tsismis is true, wow, ang ganda o ang guwapo siguro ng magiging anak namin.”

Matagal nang natitsismis ang dalawa but they are one in saying that their relationship is purely professional. No more, no less!

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