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FDCP snubs Direk Romm

FDCP snubs Direk Romm

Ayaw na sanang magsalita ni direk Romm Burlat pero ramdam niyang unfair naman daw sa kanya.

Last year, minsan lang siyang nanalo ng international award pero he was honored as Film Ambassador.

This year, 2020, ang dami raw niyang award, he was totally snubbed pero ‘yung ibang film festival na unrated, niri-recognize ng FDCP.

So far, nag-message raw siya kay Liza Dino but his plea was totally ignored.

They are supposedly playing favorites this year. Hindi raw niya alam kung name-mersonal sila or what.

Sabi pa ni Direl Romm, ibinigay raw niya ang contact infos ng festival directors for them to check the veracity of the awards but FDCP never called.

What direk Romm finds grossly ironic is the fact that FDCP posted on their page and website congratulating him when he won in L.A.

According to Direk Romm, LakeCity International Film Festival is basically unrated by Not even supposedly getting a one star rating but FDCP recognized it.

The festivals were direk Romm participated into and won are 3 to 4 stars but he was purportedly snubbed.

Nakalulungkot lang daw.

‘Yan raw ang kanyang nararamdaman.

Another irony is that 3 magazines in the US featured him for his wins.

“I was even on the same national issue with Tom Hanks, Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell,” he said.

On March 7th, he had an interview with OTN’s TV of Scotland and will also be featured in its magazine and another in Egypt because of a string of several awards.

“But FDCP only do its personal choices not based on the merits of the filmmaker.

“It’s just not fair!” asseverated direk Romm.

Ang in-harge raw sa honorees selection ay si Carmina Malapira.

‘Yun lang!

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