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Andi, isinilang na ang kanilang 8.14 lbs. baby boy

Andi, isinilang na ang kanilang 8.14 lbs. baby boy

WE did it again papa! This journey was more of a breeze with you by my side. Thank you for being my rock! Because of you my worries and fears go away. I love love being your partner and going through this wonderful life, raising our kids with you. Glad I get to do this with you for life!” ito ang caption ng larawang ipinost ni Andi Eigenmann kasama ang partner na si Philmar Alipayo at ang bagong silang nilang anak na lalaki habang dumedede.

Nanganak sa kanyang ikatlong anak si Andi nitong Linggo, Enero 17, 11:10 a.m. sa St. Luke’s Medical Center Global, Taguig City sa pamamagitan ng caesarian section. Ang unico hijo nila ni Philmar ay may timbang na 8.14 lbs.

May post din si Philmar ng larawang nag-kiss sila ni Andi kasama ang bagong silang nilang anak.

Ang caption ni Philmar, ”Thanks for bringing our boy to this world! I am very proud of you mahal ko you are the strongest person I know.”

At dahil lalaki ang bagong silang nilang anak, tiyak nakatuon sa kanya ang atensiyon nina Philmar at Andi bagay na maiintindihan naman ito ng panganay ng aktres na si Ellie na 9 years old na.

“I am grateful everyday for you my dear Ellie. Thank you for making me a mom! You have been such a wonderful first born, and an amazing (big) sister at that.

“I would often get told, that albeit having 3, things should be easier because at 9 years old, she doesn’t need me as much. While it makes me proud to notice her gaining a greater sense of independence lately, it isn’t entirely true.

“She may not need me the same way Lilo and baby 3 would, but she does and still will in different ways. And I have made it a promise to do my best and make sure to thrive in fulfilling these needs because that is what I am here for.

“This is something I have and will always be willing to do, since the moment I chose to have you.”

Si Lilo na magda-dalawang taon palang sa Hulyo ay sinigurado naman ni Andi na mananatili pa ring baby ito sa kanya.

Ipinost ni Andi ang larawan ng ikalawang anak bago siya manganak at ang caption, ”The middle child, they say, usually gets the least attention growing up, I don’t think that’s possible when the middle child is someone like you.

“You are one special kid, Lilo! You have no idea how much joy you bring into our lives, every single day. Although you too will be a big sister very soon, you will always be my most precious, one of a kind, adorable little one. I will always have overflowing love to give to you, don’t you worry because that’s the magic of being a mother. And It’s especially easy when the one to love is such a little big ray of sunshine— YOU!”

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