Friday , October 30 2020
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Romm Burlat is unstoppable!

Romm Burlat is unstoppable!

He used to be belittled by the people in the industry but Direk Romm Burlat is slowly emerging as a force to reckon with in the business.


Hayan at naimbitahan lang naman siya sa Office of the President in Malacañang as the speaker representing the film industry.


He spoke in that event about gender equality which is a very timely topic.


Dati talaga, minamaliit lang siya ng titans raw sa industriya. But look at him now. His works are being recognized not only in the Philippines but in some film festivals abroad.


Dahil nauuso ang indie movies na siyang forte ni Direk, hinahangaan talaga ang kanyang mga obra hindi lang sa Pinas, but most specially so in some film festivals abroad.


Panahon na talaga ni Direk Romm and from the looks of it, wala nang makaaawat pa sa kanyang pag-angat.

Congratulations, direk. We are so proud of what you have become.

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