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Romm Burlat is really going places

Romm Burlat is really going places

Hindi na talaga paaawat ang underrated pero mahusay na direktor na si Direk Romm Burlat.

Before, he was being belittled in the industry.

But look at him now! Imagine, ang dami na niyang awards internationally and these are coming from prominent film festivals abroad at that!

As a talent manager, hindi na rin siya paaawat dahil unti-unti nang nakikilala ang kanyang mga hawak na artista.

Talaga namang when it rains, it indubitably pours. Congrats direk. Hindi ka na talaga maawat!

Tingnan mo naman, ilang international magazines ang siya lang naman ang nasa cover, thereby showcasing the kind of fashion plate that he has evolved into.


Congratulations direk. I’m so happy for what you have achieved!

May isa na namang award pala si Direk Romm. He was chosen as the best director for the Port Blair International Film Festival under the short film category for the film Homecoming.

Congrats direk. Happy for your accomplishments!

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