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Markki Stroem, ganadong mag-shoot ng love scenes  kasama si Mike Liwag para sa Unlocked series

Markki Stroem, ganadong mag-shoot ng love scenes kasama si Mike Liwag para sa Unlocked series


“Cats out of the bag! Watch out for something a little more risqué than your typical BL!”


‘Yan ang pasakalye ng singer-actor na si Markki Stroem sa kanyang Facebook post last July 7.


Markki is refferring to his episode with Mike Liwag fittingly billed “Andrew and Brix” at the Unlocked anthology series that is slated to detonate on July 9 at the online streaming service GagaOOLala.


The story goes something like this. Andrew’s (Markki) heartbroken so he availed of the services of a for rent boy (Mike Liwag) so as to lessen the pain and loneliness he is suffering from.


Anyhow, in an interview, tinanong sina Markki at Mike ng press kung kumusta naman ang kanilang shooting sa direksiyon ni Adolf Alix Jr.


Markki answered, “I had such a blast working with Direk Adolf Alix again!


“He is so easy to get along with and very systematic and professional how he handled the project.


“Due to quarantine, we shot a day after MECQ ended. We had stayed home 2 weeks prior and felt safe to work with a small cast and crew.


“The shoot was quick and very organized.


The beauty supposedly of working with a relatively small cast and crew is that they are able to get to know each other and navigate the set with ease.


“I felt safe while shooting the Love Scenes. Direk and the crew were encouraging and it was so easy to work with my co-actor Mike Liwag,” Markki intoned.


Pag-amin naman ni Mike, “At first, I was nervous.


“Kasi, it was actually the first time I went out dahil sa COVID. So siyempre, we needed to ensure that there were safety precautions.


“I’m so relieved that when I got on set, sobrang prepared na prepared. It was so easy working with Direk Adolf and his team.”


Sa kanya raw perspective, madali silang nakapag-adjust sa shooting protocols.


“Sobrang happy ako na it was my first project under this pandemic and siyempre with Direk Adolf’s brilliant mind.

“Started and finished the shoot na parang walang pandemic. We were really taken care of,” Mike asseverated.


Smooth ang working relationship nina Markki at Mike, na kapwa disiplinado dahil sa karanasan nila sa teatro.


Markki opined, “I had heard great things about Mike Liwag because of Laro. Working with him made me respect him as an actor even more. Galing!


“Mike Liwag is such a professional and genuinely kind person. Such a sweetheart on set and very respectful of everyone around him.


“Since we are both from the theater scene, we rehearsed our dialogues and added our little twists to our roles.


“I think our chemistry is palpable. I am excited to see how it all comes together in the end.”


Mutual ang admiration nina Markki at Mike sa sa isa’t isa.


Mike has nothing but praises for Markki, “Magaling siya. It was my first time working with him.


“What I like about Markki is that, parehas kaming Theater Actors, so when we were reading the lines to memorize and understand, we were actually doing it in a theater way para mas mabilis ang pickup and everything.


“I couldn’t imagine na we would be able to pull off the scenes, kasi nga, that was the first we’ve met.

Pero dahil mabilis daw silang nag-jive-in, plus the help of Direk Adolf, parang super dali ng shooting.


Nakasama na si Mike sa pelikulang Culion na that was starred in by Iza Calzado, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Meryll Soriano, and Joem Bascon.


Kasama rin si Mike sa play ng PETA na Under My Skin, which started showing last February.


Medyo na-stop lang ang pagpapalabas nito dahil sa pandemic.


Ano naman ang insights nila sa paggawa ng isang quarantine film?


“It’s a tick off my bucket list to do a quarantine film. Everyone can relate, kasi we are all going through it,” Markki asseverated.


“I wanted to share a story that someone might be going through.


“My heart goes out to all the couples and families who went through heartbreak or found a way to work through problems during quarantine.


“Andrew & Brix’ of Unlocked does just that… Tell a story of love and loss. We enjoyed sharing our learnings and growth through our quarantine life with this project.”


Six episodes ang Unlocked anthology, which deals on gay relationships sa panahon ng lockdown.


Magkakaiba ang kuwento at focus ng bawat episode na kinunan lang by using iPhone.


Tatlong tao lang ang crew sa bawat shoot.

Direk Adolf Alix Jr. opined, “I wanted to develop stories where the circumstances of the pandemic are a catalyst for a deeper examination of relationships.


“It acts as a purgation of sorts — be it the physical distance or the paranoia of the situation.”


The first episode of Unlocked that is titled “Andrew & Brix” will be shown on July 9, at the GagaOOLala, the one and only LGBTQ focused online streaming service in Southeast Asia.


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