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Chorizo ni Sitti, patok

Chorizo ni Sitti, patok

NAKILALA si Sitti sa estilo ng kantang Bossa Nova. Iba rin naman kasi ang dating ng kanyang tinig.

Isa ng masayang maybahay si Sitti at ngayon, na walang concerts, shows or gigs, nakahanap ito ng paraan para maging kapaki-pakinabang pa rin ang  bawat araw ng buhay niya.

“What a crazy turn of events the past two weeks have been for me ⚡️

“My husband Joey had long been telling me to start a home-based business and to help our Manang Klim sell her chorizo. 

“For some unknowable, unidentifiable reason, I suddenly felt a really strong, ‘Huy magsimula ka na bukas’- kick to start selling last May 13. I started by posting in our village group page, and was quite surprised at the reception – even the love – that some of our neighbors had for our chorizo.

(Well, masarap naman talaga chorizo namin. Nagulat lang talaga kami sa response haha. Di namin in-expect.)

“It’s been very hectic posting, taking orders, going to the village market buying pork everyday, packing, and then going around our village delivering these orders. There was one day it took me two hours of going around the village just to deliver each order in the rain – I was so wiped out after! And there were even times, not the first in my 35 years of living, when I doubted myself and what I was doing.

“It was one such tiring day when my chorizo-carrying and delivering hands made it to @maudesigns8 ‘s doorstep. Her husband, @tris_synth answered when I rang the doorbell, and he asked me to wait so that I could meet his daughter, Rhian. He said she was a fan. I said, yes, of course, I’ll wait, but I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of emotions as I met her. She’s 9, and her dad said she listens to my music every night. She was so shy when I first met her – I couldn’t resist not singing the chorus of Para Sa Akin to her, my eyes tearing up as I sang. I wanted to hug her but I couldn’t, separated by their gate we were. I drove off with tears in my eyes and gratitude in my heart for having met her ♥️

“I thought then, this is one of the reasons why you’re being led to do this. If you hadn’t been selling and delivering chorizo in your village maybe you wouldn’t have met her, and you wouldn’t have had that sliver of hope and sunshine that meeting her gave you. 

“Days of driving around and sourcing containers also led me to once again appreciate hardwork and grit. It led me to respect those with homebased businesses all the more – particularly moms who have to juggle sometimes clingy children. 

“While waiting in traffic one day, my eyes fell on a lone ant and it made me wonder, do ants die when they’re separated from their colony? While I was waiting for a customer’s payment, I saw a really feisty bird endlessly bugging a cat – as in dumadapo-dapo siya sa pusa! – and the cat just lazily ignoring it. I had to blink twice to check that I was really seeing that.

“These are moments I probably would not have otherwise experienced had I not been where I was at that particular moment. So to you who are questioning yourself and your life, take a moment to actually look at your moments.

“Every moment is teachable. That is what I have learned.”

At natuturuan din tayo ni Sitti sa kanyang ibinabahagi.

So, order na!

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