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Dr. Vicki, Gods gift kay Hayden

Dr. Vicki, Gods gift kay Hayden

ANG sweet ng mensahe ni Dr. Vicki Belo-Kho sa asawang si Dr. Hayden Kho sa kaarawan niya kahapon, Mayo 20, at ito rin pala ang petsa na nagkakilala sila kaya masyadong memorable para sa mag-asawa.

Ipinost ni Vicki ang black and white picture nila ni Hayden habang ikinakasal sila sa Paris noong Setyembre, 2017.

Ang caption ng nasabing larawan, “Happy birthday to my Belo-ved @dochayden. We met on your birthday May 20, 2005. (Yup, I was Gods gift to you).

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would be married someday. I just thought you were sexy and gorgeous (you still are) but, you have also turned out to be the best partner in life that I could ever have hoped for.


“I have never been so loved and spoiled in my life. You work so hard because you don’t want me to be stressed and because you want me to live a long healthy life. My love languages are acts of service so you massage me (for an hour and a half) 3x a week, look silly doing my face gym exercises, wake up at 4 am to prepare zoom for me because I’m so untechie. You patiently teach scarlet math, piano, reading so all I have to do is play with her.

“You try to shield me from many of the office concerns so I don’t get stressed or worried, you’ve contributed so much to the success of “Belo” by bringing in so many of our most popular treatments like V contour and bionutriglow that are exclusive to Belo.


“My other love language is time. I love the way you put your computer and cell phone aside when I enter a room so you can concentrate on spending time with me. During this lockdown you have been the sweetest gentlest kindest person. I am so blessed that God Gave you to me. Try not to work so hard so that you too will live a long and healthy life. Thank you for being such a loving and responsible “padre De familia” thank you for bringing our family so close to Jesus Christ. @scarletsnowbelo and I love you so much.”

Sinagot naman ni Hayden ang mensahe ng wifey, “Thank you. How do I “️” this a million times? Thank you for your affirmation, my love.”


Umabot sa 49k likes at 877 ang lahat ng bumati sa guwapong hubby ni doc Vicki.



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