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Pagkabulag ng asawa ni Jaya, naagapan

Pagkabulag ng asawa ni Jaya, naagapan

HIMALA para sa singer na si Jaya at sa kabiyak ng kanyang puso na si Gary Gotidoc ang paggaling nito sa dumapong karamdaman.


Ayon sa Queen of Soul, “God is so good. This is what happened to my husband last week. He has been restored. Please read his post and may this inspire you to put your trust in Jesus and accept Him as your Lord and savior. Thank you. 🏽


Ayon sa mensahe ni Gary sa kanyang social media account, “Prayers works! Jesus heals! 


“Going into the hospital my left eye was seriously affected by my stroke. After 3 days in the hospital I was able to go home. 


“Now being home for another 3 days my eye has miraculously healed. It’s about 95% back to normal.


“Not only my eye healing was a huge blessing but I just found out that I’ve been living with cardiovascular ischemic heart disease my entire life. My doctor said that after all of my cardiovascular test results they discovered that the frontal lobe of my heart has narrow arteries in which that part of my heart is only beating at 44%. A normal heart beats at 57% or greater. 


“My entire life I have never experienced any kind of chest pains so I never knew I had this disease. Doctors told me that somehow my heart has made a detour bypassing the narrowed arteries so that I could stay alive.


“Thank God for Bruce Lee and My TaeKwonDo Master’s VictorandMichelle Solier I’ve been their student since I was 11yrs old and because of martial arts, the training has made my heart strong! Strong enough to even serve in the US Army for about 8yrs. 


“I guess God really has a plan for me! Knowing all this has put another NEW perspective on life as well as in my faith.


“I normally don’t talk about this, but I had an older brother that died when he was 3mo old due to a heart issue, and my mother, before she passed had to under go a triple bypass. So maybe heart disease was hereditary.


“All I know is that God is real! Jesus is the ultimate healer! He can restore you if you just confess and believe that he died for our sins and rose again 3 days later after his death. Sometimes your healings won’t happen right away. But I know that if you keep praying, trusting, believing and most of all worshiping and praising him even though it’s not happening right away. You will be healed! 


“I am truly grateful for ALL YOU prayer warriors that prayed for me! I honestly know that you all stormed heaven’s gates with prayers so that I could be healed!


“I love you ALL dearly and your love has given me the strength to get stronger than ever before!”


“He heals the BROKEN-HEARTED and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3


Napakabuti ng Panginoon!

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