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Paco Arrespacochaga, kuntento na sa pakikipag-facetiming sa asawang Nurse

Paco Arrespacochaga, kuntento na sa pakikipag-facetiming sa asawang Nurse

ITO naman ang ibinahagi ng former Introvoys na si Paco Arrespacochaga na sa Amerika na naninirahan kasama ang kanyang pamilya.


Frontliner ang kanyang maybahay na si Jaja, isang Nurse.


Habang nasa bahay kasama ang kanilang mga anak, nakukontento muna si Paco sa FaceTiming with his wife.


“FaceTiming with our hero, Jaja Arespacochaga, who is currently on Self Quarantine away from us. 


“We’re making the most out of what we have… for now.”


Para maibsan ang lungkot, ipina-copy paste sa amin ni Paco ang nararamdaman niya at ng mga taong may mga frontliner na napapawalay muna sa kanila.


“I live in the US and definitely understand those protesting about their 1st amendment rights. If you must express yourself… it is your right! However, just so that you know… in case this glazed over you…


“When you get sick from CORONA VIRUS, you will have fever, 

a high fever, the highest fever that you have ever had in your life. 

It is not going to be like the typical flu & fever. 


“You’re going to breathe slowly, like you’ve had a sponge stuck in your nose. When you’ll try to fill the air in your lungs by inhaling heavily you will feel like you are still short of breath. 


“And that will scare you. You are going to cough a lot, so much so that you’re going to tire until you almost pass out. 


“Every time you do it, your chest, arms, back, fingers, toes will hurt. 

You will try to catch air through the nose and you will not be able to. 


“So, they are going to give you oxygen and it is going to burn the entrance to your nose, that is going to hurt even more. 


“And if you can’t breathe, another doctor will come and put a couple of half-inch tubes down your throat to get past the bronchi and into the lungs. That is called an artificial respirator. 


“It is really disturbing n annoying, and on top of that, you cannot speak or eat.


“You will be alone in a closed room.  You will not be able to see your partner, your mother, or your father, or your children that you love so much, or your brothers; because you are going to infect them with the same thing that is killing you.


“You will feel so alone that you will start to cry and you will be afraid of dying. You will think of the ones you love and you will cry even more, that will worsen everything hence shortness of breath.




“So please STAY HOME 



“Copy and paste. I just did!!!”


Totoo naman. Na marami na ang nakaramdam nito. At kasama riyan si Paco at pamilya nila ni Jaja.

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