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Vic, magiging lolo na naman

Vic, magiging lolo na naman

SARI-SARI ngang pakiramdam at pagdaramdam ang mababasa sa social media accounts ng mga tao sa panahon ng Corona Virus.

Magiging Lolo na naman pala ang batikang host at komedyante na si Vic Sotto sa kanyang anak na si Paulina Luz na isa ng Gng. Llanes ngayon.

Naibahagi ni Paulina, na apo naman ng National Artist na si Arturo Luz ang kanyang nadarama habang hinihintay ang paglabas sa mundo ng kanyang anghel.

“(Please read until the end because this is a realization, not a rant)

“Being pregnant for the first time during a global crisis SUCKS. It really just sucks. It feels unfair. 

“I can’t fully enjoy my pregnancy because I am always worrying about everything. My anxiety is doubled because I’m not just looking out for myself, but I need to protect the little baby girl growing inside me. 

“I can’t share this time with my family and my friends, I don’t know if I’ll be able to have a baby shower, and all the other things first time moms get to experience. 

“I can’t even have ultrasounds or checkups right now because my OB’s clinic is on lockdown as well. 

“But my problems are minuscule compared to the problems the world is currently facing. We are all being taught a difficult lesson. 

“To echo what the Pope said last night: How can we expect to be healthy in a world that is sick? We have taken advantage of its resources and its people. We take things for granted on a daily basis. We continue living seemingly perfect lives while the world suffers. 

“This should be a wake up call for things to change, but I’ll be honest and say most of us will probably go back to our normal lives over time. 

“It might be too late for us to make drastic changes, but I do think there is still hope, and it lies in the youth. We must raise children that care more about the world and its people. 

“I’ve asked myself many times why I would want to bring a child into this madness, and I’ve come to realize that the answer is simple: The world just needs more good people. 

“It needs kinder people that care more. We will try our best to raise Sachi (and our future children) to be better than we are, and hopefully the youth will be able to make the real changes humanity needs.”

Samahan natin si Paulina sa kanyang dalangin na pagkatapos ng lahat ng mga hindi natin magandang dinanas, dahil sa Covid-19, ipagpapatuloy natin na pagandahin ang ikot ng mundo dahil magiging matinong mga mamamayan na tayo ng bansa at mabubuting anak ng Panginoon.

Siguradong maraming ina at ama rin ang makare-relate sa pinagdaraanan ngayon ni Paulina at ng kanyang sanggol sa sinapupunan!

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