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Jay Sonza to Mayor Joy—You don’t have a true and sincere heart for the less fortunate

Jay Sonza to Mayor Joy—You don’t have a true and sincere heart for the less fortunate

SA unang pagkakataon ay maraming pumuri kay Jay Sonza na rating brodkaster at kilalang basher din sa maraming bagay sa open letter niya kay Mayor Joy Belmonte bilang residente ng Barangay Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

Ang nilalaman ng open letter ni Jay.


Mayor Belmonte

Quezon City, Philippines

Dear Ms. Joy,


As mayor of QC you have done your utmost best to implement the containment measures in the community quarantine of the government.

While you admitted that you do not fully understand the enhanced community quarantine order for the mitigation of Covid19, you did what you thought was the best you can.

On both occasions, you called several media conferences to tell the people of QC and the entire world that you do not have a full grasp of your role in the CQ and ECQ.

You printed 500k to 1M ecobag with your name on it and put in a piece of soap, a bottle of alcohol, a face mask.

Then you followed it with a random sampling of food distribution, with matching rehearsals on how to hand it to a recipient, all caught on still and video camera and broadcast on mainstream and new media.

You went to a supposed house of a Covid19 positive after declaring Barangay Tandang Sora, the place I call home since 1986, as an “extreme” ECQ area.

After 44 residents, tested positive, with 3 patients needing urgent hospitalization, you boldly decided to send them home because according to you, they can’t be accommodated in the more than 30 hospitals and other medical facilities in QC.

When your constituents started complaining about how poor and bad you have led the city in this interesting times, you chided them, and called them ingrate.

Ms. Joy, your immature behavior, your high class attitude, your very shallow understanding of the global pandemic, your inability to handle crisis of this magnitude led us, people of QC to believe that you simply have what it takes to lead us to perdition.

Your leadership as mayor of this premier city, the national government center, the medical hub of the Republic, will certainly make QC another Wuhan and Italy in the fight against Covid19.

Mayor Belmonte, I am not asking you to resign or take a forced leave of absence so that crisis management expert can better handle the situation.

Ngunit, kung may natitira pang kahihiyan sa mukha mo, kung may nalalabi pang respeto sa alaala ng mga naunang matitinong alkalde ng QC tulad nina Tomas Morato, Adelina Rodriguez at Ismael Mathay Jr., if you care enough for us, your constituents, please do yourself a favor, vanish if you must.

You simply can’t handle the heat in the kitchen. You have a poor comprehension. You do not have crisis management ability. And you just don’t have a true and sincere heart for the less fortunate.

You are a disgrace to mankind and humanity Ms. Joy Belmonte.

May God have mercy on your soul.


Tandang Sora, Quezon City


ni Reggee Bonoan

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