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Good health at no to negativity, 2020 resolution ni Kris Aquino

Good health at no to negativity, 2020 resolution ni Kris Aquino

IPINOST ni Kris Aquino sa kanyang official Facebook account ang New Year’s resolution niya ngayong 2020, na kinabibilangan nga ng pagtutok sa kanyang kalusugan gayundin sa good health ng kanyang pamilya. Iwas na rin muna sa negativity si Kris pagkatapos ng mga pinagdaanan na mga pagsubok noong 2019.

Ayon sa post ni Kris sa FB, “i have simple resolutions for 2020: to BREATHE deeply before any impulsive reactions, live purposefully & with authenticity, listen carefully to my body, work with GRATITUDE and enthusiasm, prioritize my FAMILY and our wellness, react primarily with COMPASSION, ignore the unnecessary negativity, peacefully PROTECT MY TRUTH, AND to not let past disappointments prevent me from LOVING & TRUSTING those who have given me no reason to doubt their sincerity. 

“i shall start and end my days by reading & meditating on SCRIPTURE. i shall give my sons the opportunity to worry less about taking care of me, and have many more moments to enjoy their youth. i shall improve my cooking skills, especially my food prepping and cleaning up as i move around my kitchen. i’ll reduce my clutter.

“i read that i must take care of my cardiovascular health, so i’ll restart my yoga (although a more gentle and relaxing practice), and i’m going to force myself to get some water aerobics at least on a weekly basis, or at the very least flotation for stress relief and water hydrotherapy massage for improved circulation.”

Siyempre hindi nakalimutan pasalamatan ni Kris ang mga taong patuloy na naniniwala at sumusuporta sa kanya.

Kadugtong ng FB post niya, “I cannot end this post without expressing my heartfelt THANK YOU. MARAMING SALAMAT for letting me still be a part of your lives by continuing to be interested in mine. Ang laki ng utang na loob namin nila kuya josh & bimb sa inyo dahil hindi kayo bumitaw at patuloy nyo kaming sinuportahan, at ang mas mahalagang regalo ninyo, pinagdasal nyo kami… 

“My mom used to say that experiencing life’s harshest trials makes us better people because we gain courage and empathy, and we learn to value what really matters. She also said that knowing how transitory everything is, both the hurtful & the celebratory teaches us to not live just for ourselves but to be responsible for our community, regardless how big or small it may be. And lastly, she never let me forget that fame is temporary & temperamental, and to not overstay my welcome.

“You gave me an extension, when everything possible was done to destroy my reputation- so what more could i ask for? You have already made all my childhood dreams come true… i can only reciprocate by working a few more years so that i’m able to continue financially supporting my church, education, and health care advocacies. By SHARING, i have the privilege of honoring your loyalty & support.

“God bless you with the realization of your most fervent prayers this 2020! #lovelovelove.”

ni Glen P. Sibonga

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