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Iwa Moto, inakusahang nakikisawsaw sa bangayan ng mga Barretto

Iwa Moto, inakusahang nakikisawsaw sa bangayan ng mga Barretto

Last November 3, Claudine Barretto posted on Instagram about Marjorie’s snide commentaries on her supposed mental illness.

Iwa commented on this and sided with Claudine.

Iwa explained that she understands what Claudine is going through because she was able to experience it, too!

Iwa didn’t mention Marjorie’s name, but it was clear that it was the former (Marjorie) she was alluding to in her commentary.

“Hayyy ate people like that should be ashamed.

“Having mental illness is an everyday battle. I remember us talking about it before. I too am suffering with it.

“Kaya sana ‘wag siyang bastos. Or maybe she should see someone also po kasi baka she needs help.

“No one in their right mind would joke about a disability.”

Dahil sa komentong ito ni Iwa, she was able to receive enormous bashing from the netizens.

Binalaan siya ng iba na huwag nang ‘sumaw­saw’ at makialam sa away ng magkakapatid.

Iwa answered in defense of herself.

Aware raw siyang galit si Marjorie kay Claudine, but it’s not right and in bad taste to ridicule Claudine with what she is going through.

“Mocking someone with mental illness is still wrong. I know she’s mad. And I understand that people say mean things when they are mad.

“But ate @claubarretto has been (struggling) with this for a long time na. And she’s mocking her.”

Anyhow, dahil sa uma­no’y pang­hihimasok ni Iwa sa away ng Barretto sisters, the netizens made some personal attack on the StarStruck alumna’s life at the moment, particularly her live in set-up with Pampi Lacson, former husband of the Kapamilya actress Jodi Sta. Maria.

Banat kay Iwa, huwag na raw siyang su­maw­saw.

Instead problemahin ang problema ng iba, dapat raw ay atupagin ng chinky-eyed actress kung kailan siya pakakasalan ni Pampi.

Inakusahan rin si Iwa na inagaw raw niya si Pampi sa rating asawa na si Jodi.

Feisty as ever, binuweltahan ni Iwa ang netizens.

Pagtutuwid niya, right after Pampi’s marriage with Jodi has been annulled, pinalipas muna nila ang dalawang taon bago sila.

“Do a math. 9 years na silang hiwalay. 9 years na rin ang annulment nila. 7 years palang kami.

“Bwhahahha. Dear do your research properly para d ka magmukhang mangmang.”

Mayroon nga palang isang anak sina Jodi at Pampi — ang 13-anyos na si Thirdy.

At mayroon rin isang anak sina Iwa at Pampi — ang six years old na si Mimi.

Bagamat separated, Jodi maintains her good relationship with Iwa and Pampi.

Anyway, ipinaliwanag ni Iwa na, “All I said is mocking someone with mental illness is wrong.

“I am not taking sides or anything.

“People with mental illness is struggling and hurting already.

“If someone is making fun of it FOR ME mali ‘yun. Iba-iba tayo ng utak.

“I just said my piece.

“I hope I made myself clear.

“Di rin ako nakikisawsaw ha.

“I just feel ate @claubarretto’s pain. Especially that comment came from her sister.

“Double pain ‘yun.”

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