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Tetay, gusto muna ng pribadong buhay

Tetay, gusto muna ng pribadong buhay

HIGIT sa rebelasyon ni Kris kaugnay ng naudlot niyang pagbabalik sa telebisyon, ang talagang nilalaman ng blog at FB post ni Kris na may titulong Better in Time NA tungkol sa mga pinagdaraanan niyang medical tests kaugnay ng kanyang autoimmune disease kasama na ang kagustuhan niyang lumakas at gumaling para sa kanyang mga anak na sina Josh at Bimby. Ito ang dahilan kaya nagdesisyon siyang magpahinga muna sa kanyang showbiz, online, at social media activities at commitments para magpagaling at mamuhay muna ng pribado.

Ayon kay Kris, ”My immediate goal is WELLNESS although it’s clear to me, my autoimmune conditions have no cure. That’s my FOCUS for the next few months: get my immunity stronger, concentrate on the parts of me where i have a chance to be better, and strive for HARMONY where it’s possible. Pragmatically, i cannot do that without adopting PRIVACY…

“…My IG feed shall be quiet. i am unsure if we have any other brand commitments for airing, but i do know i have a few endorsement shoots to do. i am being 100% truthful, being Kris is the only job i’ve known how to do since i was 15 years old, so the next few months of transitioning into a regular civilian  will be a challenge, yet i need it in order for me to get healthy enough to not have the worst manifestations of my autoimmune disorders on such a regular basis.

“i know the risks, most especially ‘OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND’ but being private and alive for kuya josh and bimb is an easy choice to make. i know that everyone is dispensable and replaceable, because who am i kidding, i’ve already had 3 years to live with that as my REALITY. Nope, this isn’t a pity party, i’m stating life as it is.”

Sa ngayon, priority muna ni Kris ang magpagaling at maging healthy na mama para kina Josh at Bimby. ”My reason is simple, i need to HEAL… in every aspect of my being… for me to take care of my 2 boys who have seen and experienced way too much of both the good and bad, but for almost a year, it’s really been the physical pain and emotional disappointment that they’ve had to live with. 

“And as the only constant parent in their lives, it’s my duty to put them FIRST. I cannot erase their undeserved pain, but i can emphasize how much i’ll do to get physically stronger and with emotional prescience release the broken parts of me to FREE US from our sorrow because at least that’s within my control…sadly, there’s no changing what had already occurred. But the life lessons from that chapter have already made me an even more responsible parent.”

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