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Father and son tandem nina Abe at Gabe Pagtama, balak gawan ng movie si Bruno Mars

Father and son tandem nina Abe at Gabe Pagtama, balak gawan ng movie si Bruno Mars

MAY nilulutong project ang father and son tandem nina Abe at Gabe Pagtama sa Tate, balak nilang gawan ng movie ang Fil-Am na si Bruno Mars. Kapwa nakabase sa Los Angeles, California ang mag-ama.

Nagkuwento si Gabe hinggil sa naturang pro­yekto. “It’s called, Based On True Events. Because based on a Filipino-American experience of a Filipino farm worker in the 1930s, there’s so much discrimination at that time, I really found, it was like 1 Filipina to 14 Filipinos at that time. So, it was like, ‘What are we gonna do besides just farming?’ At that time, there was so much discriminations because Filipinos… they were just like really great dancers at that time and they, as far as the extracurricular activities, they will spend a lot of time at the dance hall, Manila Dance Hall like the gama dancers,” saad ni Gabe.

Dagdag niya, “The white guys at the town, they would get so jealous that there were a lot of reports of bombing in the farmlands and the dance halls and we just wanna be able to shed some light on their experiences, Filipino and Filipino-Americans and the struggle they went through during the 1930’s, you know, it’s much more easier to live now in the States but during that time, there were so many reports that they were calling us monkeys and I just want to be able to share that history with everybody.”

Ano’ng genre ng pelikula? “It’s actually a drama… it’s more drama but the novel, there are pieces of music and dance, and the actual movie, they wanna make it a drama.”

Ayon naman sa kanyang father na si Sir Abe na isang Fil-Am Hollywood actor, gusto nilang makuha si or si Bruno Mars para magbida sa pelikulang ito. “We have in mind, we’re trying to get Bruno Mars.”

Kailangan ba may dugong Pinoy talaga? Esplika ni Abe, “Yeah, we want to give the role mostly to Fil-Am that look like… at that time, they’re skinny, they’re dark, they’re from the farm, mostly Ilocanos.”

So what’s the next step, finding the producer? “Yeah finding investors that want to be part of this journey,” wika ni Gabe.

Dapat Hollywood investors? “We’re really open, but since we’re located at Hollywood, we would like to focus on Filipino-American investors. Investors in general that wants to take part of the journey, share the story,” aniya.

Ano’ng magiging papel niya rito? “Most likely producer also. I might have a small role but not necessarily the main thing that we want to showcase,” sambit pa ni Sir Abe.

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