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Kris, successful ang medical tests at operation sa Singapore; thankful kay Bimby sa pagbabantay at pag-aalaga

Kris, successful ang medical tests at operation sa Singapore; thankful kay Bimby sa pagbabantay at pag-aalaga

MATAGUMPAY ang pinagdaanang medical tests at operation ni Kris Aquino sa Farrer Park Hospital sa Singapore noong weekend kaya masaya ang Queen of Online and Social Media. Kaagad nga ring na-discharge sa ospital si Kris, na sinamahan ng kanyang bunsong si Bimby.

Masayang ibinalita ito ni Kris sa Instagram, “i was discharged with a detailed diagnostic report and i look positively towards the future because now we know what i need to do (my medication, treatments, monitoring, wellness activities, and the complete avoidance of what causes my most severe allergic reactions) for my physical & emotional well-being.”

Pinasalamatan ni Kris ang kanyang mga doktor at very proud siya sa Pinoy nurses na umasikaso sa kanya. Aniya – “Again i want to thank my doctors, Dr YK Cheng (my lead doctor- allergy, rheumatoid, and immunology specialist, he has been so reassuring and i [email protected] for introducing me to him) who was tireless in putting together a team of experts: Dr. Tan (endocrinologist), Dr. Kwok (cardiologist), Dr. Pang (ob gynecologist, Dr. Chew (surgeon), and Dr. Yeo (anesthesiologist/pain management specialist). i had a positive & secure experience at Farrer Park Hospital because i was treated with respectful care by all the Philippine nurses and hospital staff. i am 100% convinced that what truly sets the Philippines apart is our people: dedicated, hardworking, kindhearted, and compassionate. Seeing how highly regarded Filipinos are in the medical profession worldwide- super nakaka PROUD talaga maging Filipino dahil tayo ang pinagkakatiwalaan para sa pinaka mahalagang bahagi ng buhay- ang kalusugan.”

May nakatutuwang kuwento pa si Kris sa ipinost niyang video sa IG. Salaysay niya,   “to clarify- nasabihan ko si bimb na “don’t say that” (in case you catch our audio) kasi nagbanggit sya nung favorite nyang flame grilled chicken- i’m being proactive in case eventually mag expand sila to the Philippines. yung nagpa picture sa elevator chased after me to get a selfie to show his Filipina wife- na bilib ako sa love nya because of his effort, so i said i wanted to do a video greeting. Thank God lumalakas na po because the happy me is coming back.”

Blessing na kung ituring ni Kris ang Singapore dahil sabi niya, “Singapore has been a blessing in my life, from being a princess in @crazyrichasians, and now receiving clear answers to my worrying health questions. And you have so generously blessed kuya josh, bimb, and me because of your prayers & support. i’ll rest a few days then fly home. Have a good Sunday and God bless you all. #grateful”

Samantala, thankful si Kris sa anak niyang si Bimby na nanatili sa tabi niya sa kanyang medical journey. Talagang binantayan at inalagaan siya sa ospital ng kanyang bunso.

Si Bimby mismo ang may gusto na mag-stay sa ospital at samahan ang kanyang Mama. Ayaw niyang iwanan ang kanyang Mama. 

Ayon nga sa bahagi ng isa pang IG post ni Kris, “my life’s biggest blessing is motherhood. When i’m not healthy, bimb comforts me, by hugging, kissing, and saying “ i love you, mommy. FOREVER.” i fell asleep from exhaustion. i asked @bincailuntayao why bimb didn’t go to the hotel (part of the hospital complex) – regardless of alvin and 3 key KCAP persons w/ us here convincing him to rest in a more comfortable bed, nanindigan si BIMB, he said: i’m not leaving my mama.”

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