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Confraternitas Justitiae, A Primer

Confraternitas Justitiae, A Primer

THE founding of Confraternitas Justitiae was a response to the clamor of Adamson Law School students for a fraternal organization that would address the legal, cultural, political and social issues within the Adamson Law school campus in particular and Philippine society in general.

On July 5, 1993 at the front lawn of the historic National Press Club of the Philippines building in Intramuros, Manila this humble writer as founder, with CJ’s first founding brothers – Rolando Calara, Mario Cleto Claris, Lyndon John De Leon, Santiago Escape Jr., Jose Gutierrez Jr. and Romencio Lagrimas; agreed to form a new fraternal society that will address the need for an organization that will address the legal, cultural, political and social issues within and without the campus.

During that meeting, it was also unanimously decided to adopt the Filipino version of Humanism (Tunay na Pagpapakatao) and Nationalism as the society’s guiding principles.

Humanism or TPP because Confraternitas Justitiae believes that it is the responsibility of all good citizens to maintain a democratic and free society. Besides no one lives and dies for thy self alone (Walang sino man ang nabubuhay at namamatay ng para sa sarili lamang).

It was also affirmed during that meeting that a just and democratic society could be established and better protected if the people have a correct appreciation of the relationship among and between living and non-living matter. As members of CJ, it is required of us to be part of this quest for a better appreciation of human relationships. This is CJ’s indispensable quest for truth and justice.

Nationalism because Confraternitas Justitiae believes that foreign domination of our national resources is simply anti-Filipino.

Being a humanist and nationalist are for us the concrete proofs of our service to God and country.

Initially and for quite sometime thereafter, the society was called The Knights of the Fraternal Order of Justice thus its Knights moniker became the customary name of the association, even after its official name was officially changed to Confraternitas Justitiae.

Confraternitas Justitiae is not a religious organization although it was inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan found in the Gospel of Luke. It is not a charitable institution although it is not averse in doing charitable work.

Confraternitas Justitiae is a partisan for issues concerning the welfare of the majority of law students in particular and the poor, deprived and oppressed people in society in general and the environment as a whole using Humanism and Nationalism as basis of its partisanship.

Confraternitas Justitiae is open in working with other organizations espousing similar views.

Confraternitas Justitiae is not a reformatory body. It accepts only good people in its ranks to make them better.

Confraternitas Justitiae is not a tutoring organization although it is more than willing to help everyone, most especially its brothers and sisters in their academic needs.

Confraternitas Justitiae is not a social club although its open fellowships are most often times legendary and memorable. Since the establishment of Confraternitas Justitiae it produced legal enthusiasts with caliber and dedication to the profession guided by the principles they learned from it.

Confraternitas Justitiae is what it is today (and you are reading this pamphlet) because of the willingness of all brothers, sisters and friends who have gone this way before us to sacrifice their time and resources for our honorable organization’s cause and well being.

Confraternitas Justitiae is everything you have not envisioned. It is a legend and a different experience in its own right.


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