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Star Cinema, may offer din (bukod pa sa Quantum at Ten17)

Star Cinema, may offer din (bukod pa sa Quantum at Ten17)

NABANGGIT na rin ng Queen of Online World at Social Media na bago siya umalis ng bansa ay nakatanggap siya ng movie offer mula sa Star Cinema thru Roxy Liquigan na kaibigan ni Kris.

“Hard to believe right before leaving for this trip I got a firm offer with a definite timetable coursed through Roxy Liquigan for a Star Cinema movie,” saad ng mama nina Joshua at Bimby.

Kuwento pa, ”God granted my prayers to be super busy again, I am immensely flattered that apart from my IFlix movie commitment, 3 (kasama Star Cinema) movie companies have all offered me exciting projects.  I think it is okay to mention that they are Quantum Films for a movie to be written and directed by Chris Martinez, Direk Paul Soriano’s Ten17 Productions.”

Nakatakda ring mag-shoot ng bagong produktong ieendoso si Kris sa ibang bansa.

”Some will again accuse me of being arrogant for stating these facts – BUT I worked very hard against great odds for these opportunities to come back from after Easter until June 30, we have more than 34 signed contracts for brand partnership webisodes and endorsements – 2 of them with shoots in Japan and Indonesia because they are the countries of origin of the products that the clients hired me to endorse.

“My sisters are very proud of my career resurgence BUT they made me confront the reality that I am a single parent with Kuya Josh who has special needs, and Bimb who will only be turning 11 in April. What good is all this work success and income if I’m not healthy, or knock on wood if I won’t be alive to take care of my sons?

“So this trip is to get answers to what is weakening my immunity, what are my true allergy triggers, what are the conditions and stressors we should minimize, and most importantly what are the preventive measures we should implement to insure my overall wellness.

“Not many people, especially celebrities and politicians will openly share their medical concerns BUT I wanted to remain authentic and transparent.

“I shall forever be GRATEFUL because of your support for my entrance into the digital world and I also wanted to impart that professionalism and that single minded focus to succeed are very admirable traits that I am proud of but prioritizing health and wellness should be just as important a goal, most especially because I am a mother who wants to give my sons the very best of me.”

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