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Sharon sa regalong Gucci loafer ni Kris: She has made me feel special

Sharon sa regalong Gucci loafer ni Kris: She has made me feel special

NASULAT namin dito sa Hataw ang tungkol sa panayam ni Sharon Cuneta kay Korina Sanchez-Roxas sa programa nitong Rated K na inakala niyang magiging positibo ang dating sa lahat, hindi pala.

May mga natuwa at naliwanagan, pero may taong hindi pala maganda ang dating sa kanya base sa post ng Megastar sa kanyang social media account.

Isa ang Queen of Online World at Social Media na si Kris Aquino sa nakisimpatiya kay Sharon at pinadalhan siya ng paboritong Gucci loafer at card para pagaanin ang pakiramdam ng mga oras na iyon.

Post ni Sharon sa kanyang IG account na may litrato ng card at sapatos na padala ni Kris.

“When Kris and I text, or chat on my laptop, I let her know how I am feeling, how my day is going – because she ALWAYS asks me how I am. And in a way that makes you feel she really wants to know, not just to make conversation.

“Last night and today, I just poured my heart out to her. Because I didn’t do anything wrong at all and in fact expected a totally different reaction from certain people who watched the Rated K interview. Kaya nagulat ako, nasaktan, and up to now nagtataka! To think konti lang naman ang mga nega, pero the fact that such “creatures” exist just to ruin other people’s good intentions and days – THAT bothers me. I’m a mother. I would kill myself if my children turned out to be like those.

“Anyway – back to my baby girl. Kris and I, I feel, are getting closer as the days go by. There are things about each other that we never would’ve discovered had we not been given a chance to renew our friendship.

“Today, like I always do when I can kasi hirap nga makatulog – but sometimes it works when I need to escape – I slept. And woke up to a message from her saying she sent something and hoped it would make me feel better.

“When the packages arrived kasi not just one thing pala – my smile could’ve torn my cheeks up! They were the bag I was going to buy as in asap – because I first wanted the one that said “BLIND for Love” but if was out of stock and I saw in her IG she had it! – and now she sent me this which I decided was what I really wanted because it is how I’ve been feeling from all of you: LOVED! And then I opened the other package and saw she got me the horse bit furries which I love and which KC has, and of which I have a pair in another color. And most of all, in the 90s, Gucci Loafers were my “uniform” of sorts. I wore them every day and had two pairs of every color they had! Just these coincidences upon her choosing what to buy for me are a clear sign that we are becoming closer and our friendship, going in the right direction.

“She “researched” on what I usually wear (I’m a Capricorn. I love blacks, blues, whites, beiges – basics and not loud colors) and took it from there. Except for the Red bag that she had no idea I’d had my eye on already. Right now, aside from my fans, family, and other friends who love me, Kris has made me feel special. Much more than just “enough.” And it’s not because of the name brands and all that (we people do not always give each other things that cost so much! But this counts as a special occasion.) – but because it has reminded me yet again to focus on those who love me, who think not only well but highly of me as a human being. Because in the end, they ARE the ones who matter the most.

“Thank you, my dearest Kris. Especially for the prayers you say for me more than once a day. Tons and tons of love always and big, big hugs from your Ate S.”

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