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No sa Federalismo (Ika-apat na Bahagi)

UNA sa lahat ay hayaan ninyong ibahagi ng Usa-ping Bayan ang isa sa mga unang sulatin ng inyong lingkod kaugnay sa panukalang pagkakaroon ng isang pederal na porma ng pamahalaan. Gayonman ay pagpaumanhinan ninyo na ito ay nakasulat sa wikang Ingles.




Based on the foregoing, it is evident that the local government units have all the means and support to ensure good and productive governance. But because local government officials failed to utilize these means of good governance, either through criminal negligence or sheer ignorance, some are now taking advantage of these failures to advance their vested interests by calling for a change of the system.

These opportunists say federalism is the way to the future citing American and some European experience. They want to transplant these type of governance to our shores with no guarantee that they would work in our economic, political and cultural settings. They make it sound like it’s the panacea that will cure all ills in our society concerning governance and corrupt politicians.

But beware. Take note that we Filipinos are still in the process of building a nation. We have yet to reach that crucial point where we could safely claim that we are a united people. At this point there is still nothing that would justify the implementation of a federal system of governance. We have all the tools to satisfy the needs of the nation. All that we need is the political will to do what is right. All that is left to be done is to know and use the tools in our possession wisely.

Don’t forget that it is this centralized system with limited autonomy that makes our economy the second best performing in Asia. It is this system that makes our democracy vibrant and unique.

Whatever misfortunes we have experienced, i.e. exclusive economy growth where only the oligarchs benefited, the perennial transportation and traffic problems, the decades long insurgency in the countryside, the continuing banditry in Mindanao, corruption, illegal drugs problem, criminality etc.; can all be generally attributed to leadership failure and not to the “centralized system” that we have yet to fully utilize.

 (May kasunod sa Miyerkoles)


Milyong pisong halaga ng mga mamahaling sasakyan na ini-smuggle umano ang dinurog ng bulldozer sa Bureau of Customs. Para sa karagdagang detalye ay pasyalan ninyo ang Beyond Deadlines sa

Sana ay makaugalian ninyo na bisitahin lagi ang website ng Beyond Deadlines at panoorin ang segment nito sa Pinoy Houston TV o Howdy Philippines channel ng YouTube. Salamat po.


Kung ibig ninyong maligo sa hot spring ay maaari kayong pumunta sa Infinity Resort sa Indigo Bay Subdivision, Brgy. Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City. Ma­lapit sa Metro Manila at mula sa resort na ito ay ta­n­aw ninyo ang banal na bundok Ma­k­iling.

Magpadala ng mensahe sa para sa karagdagang impormasyon o reserbasyon ng lugar.

Salamat po.

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