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DBM official pinasasampolan  sa anti-corruption campaign  ng administrasyong Duterte

DBM official pinasasampolan sa anti-corruption campaign ng administrasyong Duterte

ITINAMPOK natin sa mga nakaraan nating kolum ang maanomalyang gawain ng isang opisyal sa Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

‘Yan po ay hango sa padalang liham sa atin ng isang concerned citizen laban kay Director Elisa Salon ng DBM Regional Office III sa San Fernando, Pampanga.

Sa kanyang liham, hinihiling ng concerned citizen kay beloved Pres. Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte na paimbestigahan ang mga kuwestiyonable at sangkaterbang ari-arian na umano ay nakamal ni Salon gamit ang puwesto bilang opisyal ng DBM mula pa sa panahon ni ex-president at ngayo’y Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Dahil self-explanatory ang liham, madaling malalaman kung lehitimo o ill-gotten ang mga iniuugnay na ari-arian kay Salon at kung ang mga ito ay deklarado sa kanyang taunang Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN).

Basahin po ang mga sumbong ng lumiham na concerned citizen na kanyang nais iparating sa kaalaman ni Pres. Digong:

“Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to request investigation for ill-gotten wealth, abuse of authority and other corrupt practices being done by Regional Director Elisa Salon of DBM Regional Office No. III, located at City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

To date, she has at least eight (8) residential lots with houses located at different subdivisions in San Fernando, Pampanga. This residential houses and lots were acquired during the time of President Gloria Arroyo, where the DBM releases funds for Mt. Pinatubo projects. The releases were made on a weekly/monthly basis averaging about One Billion Pesos. To our calculations, total releases amounted to almost Ten Billion Pesos. And releases were made even without the corresponding appropriations cover and merely on the instructions of then Undersecretary Mario Relampagos of the DBM.

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At the rate of even one percent, easily she got almost One Hundred Million Pesos. This amount were used to buy residential lots, sends her nephews and nieces to school, purchase cars and SUV to all her siblings, one of whom is employed as utility worker of a government hospital in Pampanga but incidentally is using an SUV in going to office. Now she is currently constructing a mansion in her hometown in San Fabian, Pangasinan.

As she is not contented with the ill-gotten wealth, she has now embarked on a seminar spree with local government officials in Region III. These seminars have been on-going as early as 2012. Local government officials, particularly barangay officials, were required to participate in a seminar at a fee of Seven Thousand Pesos per participant, topics of which range from procurement and other non-relevant issues. She gets Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000) as honoraria for every seminar. There were instances that in a week three seminars are being held. Location of the seminar is always at Baguio City, when for reasons of accessibility, she can conduct it at Pampanga only. The reason for Baguio City venue is to visit her house acquired lately at Baguio City.

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What is more shocking is that every-time there is a seminar in Baguio City, she tags along her boyfriend/lover with her for purposes of collecting honoraria, despite the fact that DBM RO III employs numerous drivers at its disposal. She uses the name of one of the drivers in the trip ticket, but leaves the driver behind and asks her lover to drive official DBM vehicle. Incidentally his lover is also employed, thru her recommendations, in one government hospital in Pampanga. Doble-saya, ‘di po ba?

She likewise brings one Adoracion Mangalino to serve as speaker, with honoraria of Thirty Thousand Pesos per seminar. Imagine at two seminars a week, Dir. Salon gets One Hundred Thousand Pesos while Ms. Mangalino pockets Sixty Thousand Pesos, while keeping their respective salaries intact.

These seminars were the reasons why Dir. Salon and Ms. Mangalino are always out of the office, to the detriment of public service, as their works are being entrusted to their staff, leaving no time for them to review their staff work.

Dir. Salon’s boyfriend/lover even dips his hands in project implementation at DBM. While these projects are minimal in costs, the presence of his boyfriend is suspect as he usually purchased excessive construction materials then brings home what is left to Dir. Salon’s houses where repairs and/or new construction are on-going. Even plants and other metal scraps are being brought out of the office and find their way in Dir. Salon’s house.

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Lately, Dir. Salon employed the services of three (3) utility workers at DBM. What is so appalling is that these three work also as helpers in her house and her store and the other one at her sibling. Imagine, the services rendered at her house/store are being paid by the office, since they were contracted by DBM on the prodding of Dir. Salon, on a Job-Order basis.

Mr. President, people like Dir. Salon is a disgrace to your administration. You mentioned that even a whiff or a whisper will not go unpunished. This is the best time to crack the whip on Dir. Salon. She doesn’t deserve any single minute staying at the DBM. Binababoy, pinagkakakuwartahan at ‘di iginagalang ang gobyerno ng taong ito. Sobrang ganid at sobrang pangit pa ng ugali.

Please conduct a thorough investigation on this. Noong panahon ni Sec. Andaya, nabulgar na ito ni G. Jarius Bondoc ng Philippine Star pero wala rin nangyari. It’s about time you make good on your promise to rid corrupt officials in your Administration.

Very truly yours,
(Name Withheld)


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