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Aiko Melendez, nahambal nang mapanood ang pelikula niya kay Direk Anthony Hernandez!

Aiko Melendez, nahambal nang mapanood ang pelikula niya kay Direk Anthony Hernandez!

AIKO Melendez wrote on Facebook last Sunday night to express her discontent on how her role in the advocacy movie The New Generation Heroes has turned out.

Originally, she was told that she would be its leading-lady. But much to her surprise and dismay, the film that was shown on its premiere night last Friday made her a major support in the movie.

Hindi maiwasang maghinanakit si Aiko sa director ng pelikula na si Anthony Hernandez dahil hindi raw natupad ang kanilang pinag-usapan.

Ms. Aiko said that when the movie was offered to her manager Boy Abunda, Direk Anthony was emphatic that she would be the movie’s lead actress. But when she saw the film in its entirety, she was greatly dismayed to discover that she played a supporting role no less.

“This is an open Letter to Anthony Hernandez. Forgive me if I had to post this letter online, because, Asian Artist Agency owned by my Ma-nager Tito Boy Abunda waited for your call, and so did my handler Philip Ababon Rojas, to hear your side about the outcome of the movie regarding my supposed lead role in the movie that never was.

“It turned out to be a supporting role which I don’t mind at all because it’s an advocacy film. As long as it was clearly understood and agreed upon prior to the shoot of The New Generation Heroes movie…

“I made the same type of film last year with the same production for the world teachers’ day and encountered no problems at all.”

Anyway, last Friday, Aiko was supposedly too enthusiastic to watch the premiere night of the movie.

But she was greatly dismayed when she watched the movies and discovered that most of her scenes were butchered.

When the role was first offered to her, their director Anthony Hernandez said that she would delineate the lead in this movie that would be shot in Korea. But seeing it in its entirety gave her allegedly the goosebumps for she discovered that most of her scenes were cut short and the whole movie revolved supposedly around the character essayed by Joyce Penas.

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“We felt deceived,” she said in earnest. “Even my performance highlights in the film were shortened and the entire movie was about Joyce, our producer.

“Ok lang naman na supporting role ako to her, pero sana it was made clear that I wasn’t the lead at all because inaalagaan ko rin naman ang mga pelikula na ginagawa ko.

“Kasi nga mataas ang expectations sa akin when I won an award abroad and here in our country, the pressure is doubled…

“Anyways, I wish the same success for this movie kasi sa ayaw at sa gusto ko, ako ang binebenta n’yo for this movie to help Joyce.

“Ok lang, at least if Joyce would make it big, I’m part of her success.

“Ako pa ba? Ang dali ko lang pakiusapan, sana lang talaga you were true to your words and walang deceit na nangyari.
“Word of honor is very important to me because it is the recognition of my right to great respect as an actress and as a person.”

ang makeover
ni Xander Ford!

Na-shock ang Twitterverse lately dahil sa shocking transformation ng social media star na si Marlou Arizala who is now using the screen monicker Xander Ford.

Marami talaga ang ginulat ni Xander when she made the big revelation last Sunday at Ms. Korina Sanchez’s Rated K program.

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These past weeks, it was a veritable guessing game on how Xander would look with his new nose and chin.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Yapjuancgo of The Icon Clinic performed the surgery at the Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center last month.

Apart from his nose and chin surgeries, Xander also had wrinkle removal, eyebrow thickening, eyelash extension, lip pigmentation, and dental implants to improve his looks.

Napanganga ang mga tagahanga ng former Hasht5 member nang makita ang kanyang major transformation — this time a sharper nose, a chiseled jaw line, and smoother and fairer skin.

Sa interview kay Korina, ipinarating niya ang malaking pasasalamat sa mga tumulong sa kanya para ma-achieve ang kanyang fondest dreams in life.

The pain that he had to go through was all worth it.

“Masakit, pero kaya, kasi ito talaga ‘yung pa-ngarap ko,” he stress. “Ito talaga ‘yung goal ko, ‘yung mabago ‘yung sarili ko.

“Itong nasa harapan ninyo,” he told his fans in earnest,” binago ko lang siya sa pangalan at ‘yung pagkatao lang… ‘yung panlabas lang, para naman maiba rin ‘yung tingin sa akin ng ibang tao.”

Nang tanungin ni Korina kung nami-miss pa rin ba niya ang kanyang old self, he answered that the past has been forgotten and he is now prepared to face his new life.

Xander, with his new looks, hopes to become a celebrity and to be of help to his family.

As of now, trending topic si Xander Ford sa Twitter with 107,000++ tweets no less.

Nanlalata na
si Buruka!

At 70 something, Lolita Buruka seems to be at the end of her tether.

Up-close, she seems not to be her usual bubbly and harbatera self. Hahahahahahahahaha!

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Of course she’s still chummy with Joan Lalin, Madam Shirley Pizza and Lisping Queen but one could notice that she is not her usual bubbly self and that something appears to be bothering her!

Maybe she is beginning to feel the onslaught of the Big C.

The Big C raw, o! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Well, dapat lang. After all the evil thing that she’s done, it is but apt and fitting that she should have her own share of comeuppance or retribution.

Buti nga at wala na ang kanyang All Star & No Talk show dahil kung hindi ito nawala, she would have been still throwing her weight around just like before. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Anyway, all indications point to the fact that pretty soon, she is going to be blotted out of this planet and would end up almost a veritable has been.

A veritable has been raw, o! Hahahahahahahahaha!

‘Yung pagkawala niya sa telebisyon ay isang indication na pawala na ang kanyang popula-ridad.

Buti nga! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Nga pala, tigilan mo na ang paglilibre sa ‘yung mga alipores before you run out of money, miserable old goat.

Hindi ka naman nakasisiguro na maaalala ka pa nila once you run out of money.

Kaya my advice is save your money for the raining days.

Malapit na, lola, so it is best that you are prepared.

‘Yun nah. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

And with that, ito po ang Kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nhong!

ni Pete Ampoloquio, Jr.


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