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Pasay barangay chairman  biktima ng paninira

Pasay barangay chairman biktima ng paninira

HETO ang isang barangay chairman mula sa Pasay City na nagpapakita na malinis ang kanyang konsensiya — si Barangay Chairman Ronnie Palmos. At para maging malinaw ito sa publiko, siya mismo ay gumawa ng imbestigasyon hinggil sa mga paninira laban sa kanya. Hindi siya gaya ng ibang public official na kapag naupakan ay nanggagalaiti sa galit, mura nang mura at nagpupuputok ang butse sa social media.

Si Chairman Ronnie, mulat siya na mayroon siyang public accountability bilang public servant kaya kung mayroong nalalathalang mga kagayang reklamo, alam niya na kailangan niyang magpaliwanag.

Si Chairman ay biktima ng mga gawa-gawang reklamo at nito ngang huli ay isinasangkot siya sa ilegal na droga.

Hindi niya pinansin ang unang paninira, pero ngayon ay kumibo na si Chairman dahil iniuugnay siya sa ilegal na droga, kailangan niyang kumibo bilang proteksiyon unang-una ng kanilang barangay, ng kanyang pamilya at ng kanyang sarili.

Sa bahagi ng inyong lingkod, humihingi tayo ng paumanhin dahil nagamit tayo ng mga taong nagpapanggap na nagmamalasakit pero sa totoo lang ay mayroong ulterior motive sa pamomolitika.

Narito ang liham ni Chairman Palmos.

Sa iyo, Chairman Palmos, nawa’y dumami pa ang mga kagaya ninyo sa serbisyo publiko.

11 September 2017
National Press Club Building
Intramuros, Manila


This has reference to a certain posts titled “PAKISAGOT LANG BRGY. CHAIRMAN PALMOS and “REKLAMO KAY BRGY. CHAIRMAN RONNIE PALMOS” posted in your column BULABUGIN of HATAW Tabloid newspaper the latest of which was published on 11 September 2017.

Please be informed that the subject aforesaid complaint of the unidentified person is just another baseless allegations and I am very sure that the same was perpetrated by one and the same individual who previously filed a same complaint against my person with the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Pasay City District Office sometime in last part of the year 2016. However, considering that he failed in his previous cause, this time he/she used your column so as to sustain personal hatred and motives now adding a false accusation that a proliferation of drug pushers and addicts is now rampant within my barangay. These allegations are merely figments of the wild imagination of the unnamed complainant as he/she did not corroborate it with necessary evidences to support his/her claim. As far as the barangay funds is concerned that he/she questioned, this manifestation was likewise already brought by this mysterious complainant to concerned government offices/agencies but was later on dismissed for want of merit and basis. Moreover, I wish to inform you that this cowardice is keen on using other identity in order to ruin my personality and satisfy his evil motives. In the previous complaint this unnamed complainant utilized the name of RODEL OGAD in filing alleged graft and corruption charges against me with the DILG Pasay City District Office. However, the true person named Rodel Ogad surfaced and vehemently denied that he was the one who prepared and submitted the said complaint. He even prepared and submitted an affidavit to sustain his claim. These documents are annexed hereto as corroborative to my contentions. This time, he used the name and alleged email address of my cousin ERIC PALMOS in reporting an unfounded accusation in your column. My cousin likewise vehemently denied these when he made a personal communication with you thru your website.

I have been pressured to prepare this reply as this unmade complainant is now utilizing the alleged drug menace in order to destroy my person and credibility as barangay chairman in my community. His accusations created great embarrassment and public ridicule to me and my family considering that I strongly support the campaign of our government in fighting illegal drugs. However, perusal of the complaint would grossly indicate the complainant’s propensity to tell a falsehood, and needless to point out that the complaint is riddled with inconsistencies and propaganda. The factual antecedent that this alleged complainant wants to maliciously inject into your column is that, by reason and because of his intention to hide the true facts, he threw everything to herein respondent and made himself appear defrauded, robbed and victimized, and thus, clean. As mentioned already, what he alleged in his complaint is a tell tale. Such presentation of facts does not even stand to reason. He did not even submitted an statement from an independent person to corroborate his/her contentions.

Thus, this instant complaint filed by this anonymous complainant against the herein Punong Barangay is a clear case of harassment and intended to cause further damage to me and my family. It is noteworthy that this complaint which were published in a news paper in gene-ral circulation caused me and my family so much humiliation and so much damage for complainant’s malicious actuations. We are now in the process of identifying this unnamed complainant’s true and real identity and present whereabouts in order to refer the matter to my legal counsel and file criminal charges so that he/she be prosecuted in the crime committed and to protect my rights and interests under the law.

Hoping that this representation and explanation will enlightened and merit your kind consideration.

Very respectfully yours,
Barangay 139, Zone 1
Pasay City


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