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Jed Madela, naiirita na sa bashers!

Jed Madela, naiirita na sa bashers!

Jed Madela is one singer who happens to be the victim of endless bashing.

Lately, he posted on Instagram a relevant message to his uncouth bashers.

He pointedly asked them kung ano raw ba ang kanilang napapala tuwing siya’y bina-bash.

“Still don’t get it. What’s with you bashers?” he demanded visibly perplexed. “Are you that miserable? Stop and think.

“After you bash me… or any person for that matter… what’s next?

“Did you really think you’d get a plus point in the karma department? I think not.”

He further intoned. “Just you wait. When something happens to you, remember that very day when you went out of your way to bash me. Peace out.”

Come to think of it, this is not the first time that the singer has lashed out at his bashers.

Looking back, sometime last year, he was repeatedly bashed because his bashers had put some malice on his relationship with the Kapamilya singer Darren Espanto, thereby putting strain into their relationship.

Ito naman kasing mga basher ay may pagka-intrimitida rin at may Messiahnic complex.

Feeling nila’y lagi silang tama at ang ibang tao’y mali.

Pero saan ka, tingnan mo naman sila at mga bakla ring mahilig mag-BJ ng mga gwaping na ombre.

Nakahihiya! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

‘Yun nah!

And with that, ito po ang Kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing. Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nhong!

BANAT – Pete Ampoloquio, Jr.

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