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Sagot na nagpanalo  kay Miss France

Sagot na nagpanalo kay Miss France

TULAD ni Miss Haiti, maganda rin ang naging sagot kapwa nina Miss France at Miss Colombia. Pero sa huli namayani ang Miss France na sinabing hindi niya akalaing siya ang magwawagi at tatanghaling Miss Universe.

Narito ang kasagutan nina Miss France at Miss Colombia sa katanungang, Name something from the course of your life  that you failed at and tell us what you learned from that experience.

Ani Miss France, “I failed several times in my life. I thought I failed the first time I went out on a casting because my name wasn’t on the list, and the very next day I found that I was in a new book. So, I think that when you fail, you have to be elevated, and you to try again and keep going. If tonight, I’m not I’m not one of the winners, I would still have had the great honored of being one of the three finalists. So, I think I have failed before, but for me this is a great first opportunity.”

Sinabi naman ni Miss Colombia na, “I think many times, one makes mistakes for many things, during moments when you may not accept someone due to their differences, to not accept them due to their sexual preferences, and to not be capable of accepting their error—I think of any of those experiences gives you the opportunity to have strength and value and principles.

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