Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Happy, happy birthday JSY!

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THOUGH people who know you call you in many different ways, almost all of them have similar if not the same experiences on how you are as a son, a father, a brother, a boss, a leader, and a friend.

You are the KUYA JERRY to your friends who need your brotherly guidance and assistance.

You are the PAPA JERRY not only to your own children but to all the little kids whom you always shower with love and affection.

You are the SIR JERRY and BOSS JERRY to your employees whom you treat with much respect and appreciation who in return look up to you with utmost respect. Even the people who have met you for the first time can prove how benevolent and compassionate you are.

You always have something to help everyone. And it always end up you giving more than you should.

And we witnessed how thankful and blessed these people you helped. Indeed the people around you are so blessed to have you around.

You are an unending flow of blessings from up above that everyone is grateful for.

Every single person who has met you has a story to tell about you being a wonderful and amazing blessing.

Your life is indeed worthy to be celebrated. This day has been already marked as the day when one of the most benevolent, most compassionate and most generous person had been sent on earth.

May this day be filled with more wonders. May this day be filled with love. Because you deserve every single bit of it.

Happy, happy birthday JSY!

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