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Fan ng ‘Lord of the Rings’ bumuo ng Hobbit village

LUMIKHA ang isang fan ng “Lord of the Rings” ng sarili niyang Hobbit-sized village, na may local pub, sa Czech Republic.

Sinabi ng estudyanteng si Svatoslav Hofman, sini-mulan ang kanyang proyekto nitong nakaraang taon sa Orlickych: “I am a massive fan and wanted to create my own Middle Earth.

“I started last summer during the academic break and build the whole lot from scratch.

“But because I didn’t have any plans or drawings, I had to do the whole lot from memory,” aniya.

“But I think it’s pretty close to how Tolkien ima-gined it.

“We’ve got a Hobbit hole and even a  Green Dra-gon pub.”

Umaasa siyang magi-ging tourist attraction ang kanyang Hobbit village.

“As far as I am aware, there’s nothing like this anywhere else in the world,” aniya pa.

“My hope is that other Tolkien fans will see this as being like a spiritual home and flock here in their costumes, have a drink and stay.

“I am now planning on building another part of Middle Earth – Mordor – where there will be Orcs and other creations of Sauron.” (ORANGE QUIRKY NEWS)

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