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Megan, confident na maiiuwi ang Miss World crown

CRYING lady ang drama ni Megan Young sa send-off party ng Miss World Philippines para sa kanya.

This was after Cory Quirino related the good words of Julia Morley, ang head ng Miss World.

“We received an email from Julia Morley, chairperson of the Miss World Organization, two days after the Miss World Philippines pageant and she said, quote, unquote, ‘Congratulations, Cory, for a very lovely Miss World Philippines. I look forward to welcoming her to Jakarta, Indonesia. See you at the Miss World pageant.’

“I also received calls from different licensees from all over the world and for the very first time that I received encouraging words from the licensees. I hope that this is the beginning, the silver lining that we’ve been waiting for. The licensees of their respective countries  have actually told me (that) ‘we believe this time the crown will go to the Philippines,’” dagdag pang kuwento ni Cory.

Positive rin si Cory na maaaring maIuwi ni Megan ang very elusive Miss World crown.

“I have a very strong feeling about Megan in the same manner that I have a strong feeling about Gwendoline Ruais. They have the same magic, the same aura but your time is right. It’s the time for the Philippines (to win). Panahon na.”

Witht his ay napaiyak si Megan.

“Actually, eto nga kasi sinabi nga sa akin ni Ms. Cory…sabi ko hindi ako iiyak talaga, eh. Hindi ko talaga mapigil.

“Hindi po ako handa para Rito. I didn’t know that Ms. Cory is going to announce that kasi I’m really emotional.

“You know people tell me, ‘Megan, ito na ‘yon.’ It super encouraged me. Oh, my God. Mababaw ang luha ko and I really cry a lot whether I’m angry, sad or happy ay umiiyak talaga ako. Ito na ‘yung pangarap ko. Sob. Nakakahiya, sorry talaga pero I’m just really very emotional about it,” sabi pa niya habang patuloy na umiiyak.

“‘Di dapat talaga ako umiyak kasi nagpapaka-strong talaga ako. Naalala ko nga ‘yung final answer ko. I almost choke kasi I was about to cry kasi I was so nervous. I’m so overwhelmed by all the support na natanggap ko para sa pageant na ‘to and it really means a lot to me. It’s really close to my heart.”

Dahil dito, lumabas ang confidence ni Megan who said, ”There’s so much expectations from me but I’ll gonna work and I’ll gonna win it, I’ll gonna represent the country like anything and prove to them that the Philippines is strong this year at may laban tayo. Ipakikita natin sa kanila na we’re worth the blue crown, that we’re worthy spokespersons to showcase to the world that we Filipinos are intellectual, that we Filipinos are able to converse with other nations and I’m sure all candidates are like that. But we’re going to show that we have something else, that we have spark out there and are willing to help out in the world,” litanya niya habang nagpalakpakan naman ang media sa kanyang sinabi.


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