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Globe, partners start long-term Boracay conservation drive

Executives from Manila Water Foundation, Globe, and Boracay Island Water break ground with landowner Nathaniel Sacapano and Balabag Barangay Captain Jason Talapian.

Globe Telecom, along with its partners, has kicked off initiatives to help address environmental issues besetting the country’s top tourist draw, Boracay Island. It recently held an environmental education and leadership workshop, donated a communal septic tank, as well as provided communities with organic septic waste treatment solution, Vigormin.

Globe partnered with Save Philippines Seas to launch an environmental education and leadership workshop dubbed as Earthducation. Held on  July 11 to 12, 2018, the program benefitted a total of 30 participants – teachers, student leaders, and key government officials.

Boracay public school teachers participate in an activity, which helps determine
decomposition timeline of different plastic products.

Earthducation program aims to increase conservation literacy, instill appreciation for nature and the immediate environment, and teach basic and transferable skills about conservation and protecting the island’s marine biodiversity. More than just the usual classroom training, the workshop engaged the participants in creative activities and action planning for the environmental sustainability of the island.

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“The temporary closure of Boracay is an opportunity to look back on what went wrong, but more importantly, it is a chance to plan better and look ahead on what the different sectors can do individually and collectively to build a better Boracay,” said Anna Oposa, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Save Philippine Seas.

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Aside from the Earthducation program, Globe also partnered with Manila Water Foundation and Boracay Island Water Company for the donation of a communal septic tank in Sitio Ilaya in Balabag, Boracay Island. This is in line with its ongoing efforts to help address the untreated sewage which polluted the island’s waters.

“It is important to have a community-driven ecosystem management approach in Boracay today because everyone in the island is part of the solution. By getting all stakeholders involved, it will help ensure the long term  protection of the island’s biodiversity,” said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications at Globe.

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Globe and its partners also provided 8,000 packs of Vigormin to 4,000 households on the island. Each household will get a supply that will last for 2 months. Vigormin is a low-cost organic solution to boost the removal rate of pollutants in septic tanks and improve the quality of used water.

These initiatives are part of Globe Telecom’s continuing long-term sustainability program to help improve Boracay’s environmental conditions in support of the government’s overall rehabilitation strategy for the island.

Since 2012, Globe has been contributing to various environmental initiatives and programs including marine life protection, offshore clean-up training, and raising environmental awareness among the youth and local residents. Last year, the company spearheaded a volunteer beach clean-up, coral planting, and reef rehabilitation activities.

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